Strategic asset allocations and ranges

Each option is assigned a medium to longer term target asset allocation, known as the strategic asset allocation. We also establish asset allocation ranges which are the minimum and maximum amounts we can invest in each asset class.

The strategic asset allocation and asset allocation ranges1 for each investment option are shown in the below tables.

Diversified investment options

Super and transition to retirement

Strategic asset allocations




Retirement income stream

Strategic asset allocations




Single asset class investment options

Strategic asset allocations


Ranges (if applicable)


For more information, including descriptions of the different asset classes, see the Member Booklet Supplement: Investments. If you are an income stream member, see the Member Booklet: Transition to retirement Income Stream (PDS) or the Member Booklet: Retirement Income Stream (PDS).

1. Strategic asset allocations and ranges are current as at 30 September 2021.

^These amounts refer to the proportion of assets that are subject to foreign exchange rate movements. The remainder of the investment option is either currency hedged or denominated in Australian dollars.

Click here to view the actual asset allocations which reflect the current weighting to each asset class and may differ from the above.