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Your super is invested for your future

At Aware Super we invest in many different things, like shares, property and cash. We focus on choosing good-quality investments in Australia and overseas, so we can grow your super over time.

Our performance

We have a track record of choosing investments which deliver strong long-term returns. Strong returns help your super grow over time, so you have more money in retirement.

Investment options

We offer a range of investment options. Our investment options have different objectives. This means they have different levels of risk and expected performance. You can choose one or more investment options.

MySuper Lifecycle

MySuper Lifecycle aims to help you retire with more money. It tailors your investment mix based on your age. We choose mainly high growth investments to help your super grow faster when you’re younger. As you get closer to retirement, we choose a different mix of investments. This aims to balance growing your savings with safeguarding your money.

What we invest in

How we invest

When we invest your super, we focus on achieving the best outcome for you. We understand that you need different things from your super at different times. That’s why we designed our investment approach to meet the different needs of our members. We invest your money for the long term, to help you save for retirement.

Responsible ownership is part of our investment approach

We consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors as part of investing. It is what we call Responsible Ownership. We do this for all our investment options. We believe it can improve long-term outcomes for our members savings.

Investments outside super

The Aware Investment Funds allow you to diversify your investments outside of super.

Understanding asset classes

An asset class is a group of investments with similar characteristics. Examples are cash and shares. We invest in a range of asset classes. Different investment options have different objectives. The objective determines the mix of asset classes in the investment option.

Investment managers

We partner with expert investment managers to help us invest your super. These managers specialise in different asset classes.

Explore and learn

Understand investment basics

Super is a long-term investment for your future. Understanding how investments work can help you make better investment choices. This can make you feel confident that you’re on the right track to reach your retirement goals.

Socially conscious investment options

We have four diversified Socially Conscious options. Socially Conscious options avoid a range of investments with a negative environmental or social impact. You can choose to invest all or part of your super into one or more of these options. 

Get help deciding the best investment option for you

At Aware Super, we can help you with questions about how to get the most out of your super. You can also pay for financial advice tailored to your specific needs.