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Make your personal contributions by 25 June 2024 to make sure they’re counted towards the 2023/24 financial year.

See important dates for more information.

Investments that aim to do well for you

We’re one of Australia’s largest super funds. This means we can choose from a wide range of quality investments in Australia and overseas.

Our aim is to find investments which will perform strongly over the long term. Our goal is to grow your retirement savings, so you can have the retirement you're planning for. What your super is invested in depends on your investment option or options.


We invest in traditional infrastructure, like hospitals and ports as well as emerging sectors, like motor registries, and data centres.


We invest directly in property and property businesses in Australia and overseas. We also invest in listed property.

Essential worker housing

We invest in essential worker housing through the Aware Real Estate platform. These are apartments rented to essential workers at around 80% of the market rent. This can help essential workers afford to live closer to where they work.

Private equity

Private equity is investments in private companies. We invest in companies in many different sectors, in Australia and overseas.

What are asset classes

An asset class is a group of investments with similar characteristics. Examples of asset classes are Australian shares, cash and fixed income.

They are the building blocks of our investment options. Each investment option has an objective, and this objective determines the mix of asset classes in the option. This means different investment options will have a different mix of asset classes.

Asset classes are classified as growth, defensive or a mix of the two. It’s important to understand asset classes. This helps you understand the level of risk and expected return of your investment option(s).

Manage your investment options

We offer a range of investment options to suit different risk profiles and retirement goals.

Our largest unlisted property, infrastructure, and private equity exposures as at 31 December 2023

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Investment Asset Class
Keyton Property
Otter Ports, UK (Forth Ports) Infrastructure
Secure Electronic Registries Victoria (SERV)
VicRoads Infrastructure
Voyage Australia Holdings (Including Vocus Group) Infrastructure

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Investment Asset Class
Aeria Management Group (Bankstown and Camden Airports) Property
First Estate, Orchard Hills, NSW Property
Generate Capital Infrastructure
Get Living Property
Orion Infrastructure Capital Infrastructure
ProTen Infrastructure
Switch inc Infrastructure
Vivenio Residencial Socimi S.A Property

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Investment Asset Class
1 Farrer Place, Sydney, NSW Property
Australian Registry Holdings Pty Ltd
Oaktree Retirement Villages Property
Sunshine Coast University Hospital Infrastructure
Tilt Renewables Infrastructure

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Investment Asset Class
1 Java St, New York Property
35 Tumbalong Boulevard, Darling Square, NSW Property
Aleatica Infrastructure
ALTRAC Light Rail Partnership Infrastructure
Barangaroo International Tower 1 Property
Barangaroo International Towers 2 & 3, and International House Sydney Property
Campbell Global Timber Infrastructure
Buckeye Partners, L.P. Infrastructure
Cascade Lakeshore East Apartments (445 East Waterside Drive, Chicago US) Property
Cirrus Condominiums (211 North Harbour Dr, Chicago US) Property
Darling Quarter Property
Fundo de Investimento Infrastructure
GCE Co-Invest Infrastructure
Highpoint Shopping Centre, VIC Property
Indiana Toll Road Infrastructure
Perth Airport Infrastructure
Space 207 (207 Pacific Highway, St Leonards, NSW Property
Sydney Airport Infrastructure
Sydney International Convention Exhibition and Entertainment Precinct Infrastructure
The Yards Industrial Estate (Kemps Creek, NSW) Property
Two Melbourne Quarter Property

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Adar, Inc
Bristol Hospice
Canva Pty Ltd
Cardiovascular Blocker, Inc
Culligan Holdings
Delta Agribusiness Pty Ltd
Ebanx, SA
Fabcon Holding Corporation
Flavorite Group
Genesis Research Corporation
Global Jet Capital
International Financial Group
InvestCloud, Inc.
Jiangsu Jumao X-Care Medical Equipment
Jinsong Dental Medical Services
MicroGrid Networks LLC
Miller Insurance Services LLP
Nitro Software
Piano (
Retail Zoo
Retina Holdings, LLC
Roslin Cell Therapies Limited
Stone Axe Pastoral Company
USI Insurance Services
Velocity Clinical Research Inc
Wellmore Holdings Parent, LP

Unlisted investment holdings are for the Aware Super Fund.