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When you can withdraw your super 

Your super is there to fund your retirement, so you can generally only withdraw your super when you reach a certain age. But there are some situations where you may be able to withdraw your super early.

Where your income in retirement will come from

Your super savings will be a key source of income for you when you retire, but not the only one. You may have money coming from:

  • Investments or savings outside super
  • The Government Age Pension
  • A salary if you choose to work in retirement

Simple steps to grow your super now

Regardless of how far or close retirement is for you, there are some simple choices you can make now to grow and maximise your savings. The more super you have when you retire, the more choices you’ll have about what you can do.

Invest in your future

You can choose where and how your savings are invested. This decision can make a difference to how much money you’ll have when you retire. Choose from our MySuper Lifecycle investment approach or your own mix of investment options.

Use our retirement calculator

My Retirement PlannerTM estimates how much you’ll need in retirement based on your current situation and future lifestyle goals.

Need help or guidance?

Attend an education webinar or seminar

Join our experts as they break down super and finances into easy-to-understand topics through our live webinar education series.

There’s a lot to think about and the decisions you make now could change the future you have. Start with your very own Retirement Guide.

Knowing how much you’ll need to maintain your lifestyle will help you get the most from your retirement. Use our retirement projections calculator to discover how much is enough for you.