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Retire your way

You deserve to live your best life after you stop working. All it takes is a lot of imagining and a little planning. We’re here to help you create your next chapter with confidence and guide you throughout your retirement.

Get started with your retirement planning checklist

Giving up work and living off your retirement savings takes planning. Our retire-ready checklist is a good place to start. The questions will help you understand your options and how to get to the best retirement for you.

Where are you in your retirement journey?


Thinking about retiring?

Knowing your options is key to making sure you have the money to fund the lifestyle you want when you retire.

About to retire or in the process of retiring?

Getting ready to retire comes with some big decisions. Set yourself up for success as you move into retirement.

Already retired?

Now that you’re getting an income from your super, manage your account with ease. Access your account through the Aware Super app or your account online.

How much will you need to retire?

Knowing how much you’ll need to maintain your lifestyle will help you get the most from your retirement. Use our calculator, explorer, to discover how much is enough for you.

Need help with your retirement plan?

Speak to one of our experience financial planners, free with your membership.

Retire with Aware Super

Aware Super manages more than $30 billion for over 100,000 retirement members – more than any other profit-to-member fund in Australia. We understand the unique needs of retirees

Specially designed investment approach

Our experts have created specific retirement investment options to help your savings go the distance. They're designed to deliver strong returns and aim to reduce the impact of market falls.

Strong long-term returns

Our Balanced Growth option, which is where your money is invested if you don’t make a choice, returned 8.7% over 10 years to 31 December 2021*.


*Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

We’re here for you

As an Aware Super member, you can access a range of seminars, webinars and advice options. Let us help you get set for your best retirement.

Your income when you retire

There are many ways to fund your lifestyle when you retire. You can use super to get regular payments and withdraw extra cash. And don’t forget, if you’re eligible, the Government Age Pension can supplment your super to help meet your income goals.

Our retirement strategy

Helping our members confidently create an income that can last through retirement is an essential part of what we do. That’s why we’ve created a Retirement Strategy that aspires to help give members an easier retirement with more income – so they can confidently live their best life.