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Turn your super into regular income

For many Australians your super could be one of the biggest sources of your income in retirement. Deciding what to do with it is important. Whether you're thinking about working less or you're ready to retire, we offer two types of accounts to help you make the most of your super.

Ready to retire?

To start withdrawing regular income from your super, open an account-based pension by transferring money from your super account.

Thinking of transitioning to your retirement?

A transition to retirement account pays you a regular income while you continue to work. This means you can ease into retirement on your terms. Your payments will be tax- free if you're over 60.

Your retirement planning guide and checklist

Giving up work and living off your retirement savings takes planning. Understand your options and how to get to the best retirement for you. 

Our retirement guide is a helpful place to start. You’ll find: 

  • answers to common questions about retirement
  • stories from other members 
  • activities to help you plan ahead 
  • retirement planning checklist. 

Use our retirement calculator

My Retirement PlannerTM estimates how much you’ll need in retirement based on your current situation and future lifestyle goals.

Need help?