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Aware Super has been recognised with top ratings and awards
from the super industry’s leading rating agencies

Aware Super is one of Australia’s largest industry superannuation funds.‡‡

When you choose to invest your super with us, you’re choosing a fund that’s committed to delivering strong long-term outcomes for members and providing quality financial advice.

It’s this commitment that has led us to win many superannuation awards and to be judged highly by our industry’s ratings agencies.

We exist for our members, rather than to win awards, but it feels good to be recognised by our industry peers.

‡‡Based on the DEXXAR Industry Market Share Report September 2022 (includes VicSuper which is part of Aware Super).

We are one of Australia's best performing super funds

Money magazine’s Best Super Fund 2023, recognises Aware Super as one of Australia’s best performing super funds, providing strong long term returns across various investment options leading to better retirement outcomes for members.

For Money magazine’s award criteria, visit

Money magazine awards

Best Growth Super Product

Money magazine’s Best Growth Super Product 2023 recognises Aware Super’s High Growth investment option. Investing in a range of Australian and overseas investments, the High Growth option is suited to members who can tolerate risk and have an investment timeframe over 10 years or more.

Best Super for Young People

Money magazine’s Best Super for Young People 2023 recognises Aware Super’s innovative MySuper Lifecycle design, providing younger members the opportunity to invest in the High Growth investment option for a longer period of time, taking on more investment risk with the potential for higher returns. This has the ability to provide a much larger balance for members at retirement.

Best Super Lifecycle Product

Money magazine’s Best Super Lifecycle Product 2023 recognises Aware Super’s MySuper Lifecycle design as a leader in improving members’ retirement balances, by guiding them through an investment path over their lifetime, boosting their growth potential for as long as possible and gradually de-risking in the lead up to retirement, helping to safeguard member’s savings and provide the best possible retirement outcome.

Canstar awards

Outstanding Value Superannuation (March 2023)

Canstar's Superannuation Star Ratings use a sophisticated and unique rating methodology that considers investment performance, fees and product features across superannuation products on our database. Canstar’s Outstanding Value Superannuation Awards recognise the providers that provide exceptional value to customers across the range of ages and account balances considered in the Star Ratings.

Most Satisfied Customers - Superannuation (May 2022)

Canstar’s Customer Satisfaction Awards are based on how content customers are with their super fund, and complement the Star Ratings and Awards that are calculated by Canstar’s expert researchers.

For information about the methodology used by Canstar visit

Responsible Investment Association Australasia

RIAA Responsible Investment Leader (2022)

Responsible Investment Leaders demonstrate a commitment to responsible investing; the explicit consideration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in investment decision making, strong and collaborative stewardship; and transparency in reporting activity, including the societal and environmental outcomes being achieved.

For information about what it means to be a responsible investment leader visit

Over 1 million Australians invest their super with us.

For over 25 years, Aware Super has been putting members first. Today, we manage the superannuation investments and retirement savings for over 1 million‡ Australians.

Superannuation ratings

Every year super funds are assessed by ratings agencies and positioned against other funds in the market.

Aware Super consistently rates highly across all products.

Chant West

Chant West is a leading research, data and analytics provider offering a suite of premium services, insights and tools. They provide services to the financial advice and super sectors, empowering Australians to make more informed financial decisions and achieve their retirement goals.

  • Chant West 5 Apple Rating - Super (2023)
  • Chant West 5 Apple Rating - Pension (2023)

For information about the methodology used by Chant West visit their website


SuperRatings is a superannuation ratings agency. Its mission is to close the information divide between super funds and their members, and create a stronger super industry that benefits all Australians.

  • Platinum MySuper (2023)
  • 10year platinum performance (2013-2023)
  • 15 year platinum performance (2007-2022)

For details on their ratings, criteria and methodologies visit their website


Rating agency, Rainmaker reviews Australian superannuation products, to see if they have passed a range of comprehensive benchmarks and best practice measures across their investment performance, fees, insurance, operations and extra services.

The ESG Leader Rating is earned by super funds that perform environmental, social and governance principles to a high level, while having a track record of strong investment performance. The assessment considers whether funds have declared a strong commitment to ESG principles and are transparent about their operations, voting and investments.

  • Rainmaker’s AAA quality rating (2022)
  • Rainmaker’s ESG Leader Rating (2022)

For more information visit their webiste

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Chant West ratings (assigned December 2021) are limited to General Advice only.

Individuals should seek their own independent financial advice, read the PDS or offer document and consider the appropriateness of any financial product in light of their own circumstances and needs before making any investment decision.

The advice has been prepared without considering the objectives, financial situation or needs of any individual, including target markets of financial products, where applicable, and subject to change at any time without prior notice.

It is not a specific recommendation to purchase, sell or hold the relevant product(s).

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Chant West ratings and research are prepared by Chant West and are not connected in any way to research and ratings prepared by any of our related entities.

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To the extent the Awards constitute advice, it is General Advice only without taking into consideration the objectives, financial situation or needs, including target markets of financial products. Individuals should consider their personal circumstances, read the PDS or offer document and seek independent financial advice before making investment decisions.

Past performance is not an indication of future performance.

Awards are current for 12 months from the date awarded and subject to change at any time.

Go to for full information on Chant West’s research methodology, processes, ratings definitions and FSG.

SuperRatings Pty Ltd ABN 95 100 192 283 AFSL 311880 (SuperRatings), a third party company, has issued the Platinum rating to Aware Super. This rating is SuperRatings' highest rating

For details on their ratings, criteria and methodologies see

Ratings are general advice only and have been prepared without taking account of your objectives, financial situation or needs.

Consider your personal circumstances, read the product disclosure statement and seek independent financial advice before investing.

The rating is not a recommendation to purchase, sell or hold any product. Past performance information is not indicative of future performance. © 2022 SuperRatings. All rights reserved.