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Accessing your super early

Your super is an investment to help support you in the future. While you usually can't access it before you retire, super can be there for you if you need it early. You’ll need to meet certain conditions.

Severe financial hardship

If you’re experiencing severe financial hardship, you can apply to access some of your super. This can help pay for basic expenses to support you or your family. To apply you must have been on government income support for 26 weeks.

Compassionate grounds

You can apply to access your super early on compassionate grounds. This money can be used to cover:

  • medical treatments
  • disability support aids
  • mortgage repayments, or
  • funeral expenses

Leaving Australia

As a temporary resident working in Australia, you can withdraw your super when you leave.

First Home Super Saver scheme

Make extra contributions into your super and use it towards a first home deposit, through the First Home Super Saver scheme.

Find out when you can withdraw your super

Your age, when you were born, and your work status determine when you can withdraw your super.

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Need help?

Our range of digital tools and calculators can help you get on your way to achieving your savings goals, set up a budget, check your insurance needs, and plan for retirement.

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Join our experts as they break down super and finances into easy-to-understand topics through our education series.

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