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Grow your super

Your super account balance grows over time, but you can increase it faster with these simple tips.

Add more to your super

Putting more money directly into your super is a great way to increase your retirement savings. It can also help you reduce your tax. There are different ways to make extra contributions to your super:

Before-tax contributions

Ask your employer to set up salary sacrifice directly from your before-tax pay or salary.


  • Pay less tax (the 15% contributions tax in super might be lower than your marginal tax rate).
  • Your extra contribution is deducted from your pay through your employer
  • Reduce your taxable income
  • Grow your super through extra contributions and compounding (investment returns earned on your investment).

After-tax and personal deductible contributions

Set up a one-off or recurring payment into your super via BPAY(R) or direct debit from your bank account.


  • You may be eligible for a $500 super co-contribution from the government (depending on your total income)
  • You can set up a one-off or recurring contribution at any time
  • Grow your super through extra contributions and compounding (investment returns earned on your investment)
  • Claim a tax deduction for eligible personal deductible contributions.

Spouse contributions

Make contributions on behalf of your spouse (married, de facto or same sex) and you may receive a tax offset. This can be effective if one person has taken time out of their career to stay at home with children or care for a family member.

Government co-contributions

If you earn less than $56,112 in the 2021-22 financial year you could be eligible for a government co-contribution of up to $500 when you make a personal after-tax contribution.

Are you on track with your super goals?

Our Explorer calculator can help you work out how much money you need and the ways you can add to your super.

Consolidate your super

An easy way to keep more money in your super is to reduce the your number of super accounts. Having more than one account means paying multiple fees and insurance premiums. With one account, you’ll save money in fees and grow your super faster.