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Getting help understanding your super has never been more important.

Make a big difference to your financial future

Improve your understanding of super

Your super is your money. You might not be able to withdraw your money until you retire, but you can take active steps now to look after it.

Make the most of your super

Keep track of your balance by regularly logging in to your super account.

Track your retirement goals

Are you on track to reach your super goals?  Our Retirement projections calculator can help you work out how much super you need.

The right investment option for you

The money in your super account is invested and grows over time for you to access when you retire.

Take advantage of our friendly experts help at no extra cost to you

For answers to questions about your Aware Super account, our team is available to help you. 

  • Understanding how super works
  • Growing your super balance
  • How to add to your super tax effectively
  • Withdrawing your super
  • Understanding your insurance options inside super
  • Help with the Government age pension
  • Opening a retirement account
  • Understanding your investment options
  • Understand how long your money will last

Need help planning for your future?

We offer tailored advice about your whole financial situation, not just your super. Book an appointment

Online DIY advice    

Want to get started on your own? We have what you need to help on DIY.

Explore and learn

Not everyone needs to speak to a financial professional. If you're keen to DIY, start here for some guidance to help you feel confident in your financial decisions.

Calculators and tools to help you

An easy way to work out how you can turn life goals into money goals is by using tools to help you get started.

Attend an event

Join our experts as they break down super and finances into easy-to-understand topics.

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