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Change or cancel your insurance

You can apply to change, cancel or reduce your cover at any time.

Key points


  • You can apply to increase your level of insurance.
  • You can apply to change your insurance category.
  • You can decrease or cancel your insurance.
  • You can apply for life events cover.
  • You can apply to transfer in insurance from another policy or super fund.

Increasing your cover

There are a few reasons you might need to top up your insurance. You might work out that you don’t have enough insurance. Or a life event might mean you need more insurance. This could mean things like getting married or having a child.

You can apply for new insurance or apply to increase your cover through your Member Online account. Or you can fill out a form and send it back to us.

After you apply, the insurer will contact you if they need any more information. When a decision has been made, we’ll let you know the outcome of your application.

Decrease your insurance

You might decide to reduce your insurance if:

  • you work out that you have more than you need
  • your life changes and so do your insurance needs you simply want to reduce your insurance premium.

Reducing your cover means your cost of insurance will reduce. But you don’t have to reduce it all at once. You can reduce your total and permanent disablement cover to be lower than your death cover. Just keep in mind that total and permanent disablement cover can’t ever be higher than death cover.

You can reduce your income protection cover at any time.

The easiest way to decrease your cover is through your Member Online account.

You can also fill out the Cancel or reduce your insurance form and send it back to us.

We’ll contact you if we need any more information.

Change your insurance category

Your insurance category is important. If you’re in a higher risk category than your work requires, you might be paying more for your insurance than you need.

You can apply to have your insurance category reviewed at any time. When you do this, the insurer will assign you an insurance category based on your occupation.

If you apply for a change of insurance category there are three possible outcomes. The insurer may decide that:

  • your existing insurance category is correct. This means they won’t change your category.
  • you should have a lower risk insurance category. This will decrease your cost of cover.
  • you should have a higher risk insurance category. This will increase your cost of cover.

Any change to your insurance category starts from the date it’s approved. This means it can’t be back or future dated.

Change your category through your Member Online account

Cancelling your insurance

You can cancel some or all of your cover at any time by logging into your account and requesting the change online.

Log into your Member Online account.

If you don’t have online access, you can fill out the Cancel your cover form and send it back to us.

You can cancel some parts of your cover while keeping others. Keep in mind that there are rules around total and permanent disablement. It can’t be greater than your death cover amount.

You might have been given Basic Cover automatically. If so, you can cancel it within 60 days of us activating your cover. If you do this, we’ll refund any premiums you’ve paid. This means that your Basic Cover never started, so you can’t make a claim with us.

In all other circumstances, if you cancel your cover it ends on the date we get your cancellation request. We will send you a notice confirming the date your cover ended. You can’t make any claims for events that happen on or after this date.

If you cancel or reduce your cover, you will need to apply again if you change your mind. The insurer will assess your application and may not accept it.

Opting out of automatic cover

Opting out is different from cancelling. Opting out means telling us you don’t want automatic Basic Cover - before you get it.

If you opt out of automatically receiving Basic Cover:

  • we won’t offer it to you again under your existing Aware Super account
  • you will not be able to apply for Basic Cover or Basic Plus Cover in the future
  • if you decide later that you would like insurance, you will have to apply for cover. The insurer will decide if you can have the cover.

Frequently asked questions

If you choose to cancel or reduce your cover, you can apply for new cover at any time. The insurer will ask you several questions, including some about your employment, health, and lifestyle, and decide whether to:

  • accept your application
  • apply exclusions
  • apply premium loadings.

You can find out what insurance you have by:

Our insurance calculator can provide an estimate for how much you need and what it will cost.

Work out how much insurance you need

Where next?

Calculate your insurance needs

Our insurance calculator can provide an estimate for how much you need and what it will cost. Simply answer a few questions such as your age, salary, number of dependants and expenses.

Check your insurance

Did you know you can check and change your insurance using your Aware Super Member Online account?

Transfer your insurance to Aware Super

It’s easy to transfer your insurance to us from another life insurance policy or super fund.