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Types of insurance we offer

You can apply for new cover or change your existing cover at any time. We offer three types of insurance through super.

Death cover

Give your loved ones financial protection if you become terminally ill or die.

Total and permanent disablement cover

Get financial protection if you become permanently disabled and are unlikely to ever work again. 

Income protection cover

You get a monthly payment to help you continue living your life while you recover from injury or illness.

Apply for insurance or increase your cover

The easiest way to apply for any of the insurance options or to increase your existing cover is through your Member Online account.

Generally, a new member to a super fund isn’t eligible to get automatic cover if they meet any one of these criteria:

  • are under age 25
  • have an account balance under $6,000.

Some occupations are riskier than others. This may make it harder for members in these occupations to get insurance.  Because of this we can apply a ‘dangerous occupation exception’. 

We’ve applied this exception to some members employed in emergency services. This means these members may be eligible for automatic cover. 

You can find the eligibility criteria in the relevant Insurance handbook

Other ways to change your insurance

Transfer your cover

If you have insurance with another company or super fund, you can apply to transfer it to us. You cannot apply to transfer and then keep your old insurance.  You should be aware that you are transferring your cover amount and not the terms and conditions.

Life events cover

Life events can be occasions such as getting married, having a child or buying your own home. For a full list of life events refer to the relevant Insurance Handbook.

Calculate your insurance

Our insurance calculator can provide an estimate for how much you might need and what it will cost. Simply answer a few questions such as your age, salary, number of dependants and expenses.