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It’s easy to apply to transfer your insurance to us from another life insurance policy or another super fund.

Key points:

  • You can apply to transfer any existing:
    • death cover
    • death and total and permanent disablement cover
    • income protection cover.
  • You can apply to transfer cover through your Member Online account
  • You'll need to cancel your other cover when your application is approved by the insurer.
  • Refer to the Insurance handbook for eligibility criteria.

How much you can transfer

We’ll match the level of cover you transfer within these maximum limits.

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For this cover type... you can transfer in up to a maximum amount of...
Death $10 million
Terminal illness $5 million
Total and permanent disablement $5 million. This amount can't be higher than your total death cover amount.
Income protection $40,000 per month

How to know if you’re eligible

To transfer cover you must meet a few criteria, such as:

  • be at least 15 and under 70 for death cover and total and permanent disablement cover
  • be at least 15 and under 65 for income protection cover
  • be employed or self-employed when you submit your application
  • agree to cancel your cover under the other policy when your cover has started with us.

You can find the eligibility criteria in the relevant Insurance handbook.

How to transfer cover

You can apply to transfer cover through your Member Online account.

You’ll need to provide information such as:

  • evidence of your other policy
  • details of your employment
  • details about your health and lifestyle.

Based on this information the insurer will decide whether to accept the transferred cover.

Your cover starts on the date the insurer accepts your transfer application.

Transfer your insurance

Cancelling your other insurance

When your transfer is approved we’ll let you know in writing. Then, you’ll need to cancel your other insurance. If you don’t cancel your other insurance you will not be able to make a claim with Aware Super.

It's important that you don't cancel your other insurance until we have confirmed that your transfer has been approved.

Things to consider

  • You should be aware that you are transferring your cover amount. This  includes any individual exclusions and loadings that applied to your cover.
  • Different insurance policies have different terms and conditions.
  • When you transfer your cover, the Aware Super terms and conditions will apply to your new cover. So it’s a good idea to compare the terms and conditions before you transfer your cover.
  • We’ll add any death and total and permanent disablement cover you transfer onto your existing cover. This is subject to the maximum cover limits.
  • Any income protection cover you transfer will replace your level of income protection cover with us. This is subject to the maximum cover limit.

Where to next?

Calculate your insurance needs

Our insurance calculator can provide an estimate for how much you need and what it will cost. Simply answer a few questions such as your age, salary, number of dependants and expenses.

Check your insurance

Did you know you can check and change your insurance using your Aware Super Member Online account?

Transfer insurance to Aware Super

If you have insurance somewhere else, you can apply to transfer it to us. This means you could save money and maintain your existing cover.