The Aware Super mobile app

Manage your super anytime, anywhere

The award-winning Aware Super app has been designed by members, for members and is available now.

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Download and log into the Aware Super mobile app

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Don't have online access to your account?

After downloading the app, tap "set up online access" at the bottom of the screen, register.

Start using the Aware Super app

What you'll need:

  1. Your email or member number
  2. Your password

What you'll love about the app

  • Available to all Super and Retirement members (excluding DB and LTP accounts)
  • View your balance, transactions and fees
  • View and change the way your account is invested 
  • Access your digital member card to take us with you to your next job
  • View and download your member statements for up to 6 years
  • Estimate your future super balance using our income projection tool explorer
  • Search for and consolidate lost super or super you have with other funds 
  • Access your BPAY details to make extra contributions to your super 
  • View and manage your insurance details, including coverage and benefit
  • View and update your contact details
  • Enable Touch ID or Face ID to access your account quickly and securely

An award-winning app

The Aware Super app was awarded Gold at the 2019 Sydney Design Awards for the category Digital - New Service or Application.


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Join one of Australia's most awarded funds. To become a member, download the app, then tap "join now" to get started.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, it is. At Aware Super, we value your security as high as we do ours. That’s why we’re using a highly secure server that encrypts the information you access on this app.

In addition, the Aware Super mobile app is session-based which means that as soon as you close the app, your information is no longer available on your device.

Aware Super members with a super account who have set up online access to their account. If you don’t have online access set up yet, click here to set it up.

Click on the 'forgot password' link. You will then be asked to provide your mobile number, first and last name, as well as your date of birth. If your details match what we have on file for you, you’ll be sent an SMS to your mobile containing a one-time PIN. Once you enter that one-time PIN, you’ll be able to reset your password.

Contact us if you think we don’t have the right details for you on file.

No, the Aware Super mobile app is available on mobile devices only.

The digital member card is a one-stop shop for all your superannuation details you need when you fill in your ‘choice of fund’ form when you change to a new employer.

In our app, you can share these details directly with your employer via email. Just tap the ‘Profile’ button to access your digital member card, then click on ‘share membership details’ and a prefilled email with your superannuation details will pop up, ready to send to your employer.

To update your details, log into the app and tap the 'Profile' button. Once you are on the ‘Profile’ screen, tap on the “Update details” button.

Log into the app by using the same login details you use for online access to your account via our website.

If you don’t have online access set up yet, click here to set it up.

Yes, you can. To change the way your super is invested, login to the app. Once you’re logged in, the app will take you to your super dashboard. There, tap on the ‘change investment allocations’ button.

No, you must be a Aware Super member to use the app. To become a member and find out more about why to choose us, click here.

Once a newer and improved version is available, downloading the app again will ensure you get access to the latest functions. If you have the previous version of the app installed on your device, it may no longer be supported and you’ll need to download the new version from the App Store.

Yes you can make a contribution to your super directly through the app.
Login to the app and click Make a Contribution from the homescreen. The app provides you access to your unique BPAY details which you can use to make a contribution directly into your super account. 

Your Touch ID or Face ID login may be disabled after you update your operating system (iOS or Android) or your Aware Super app. If this happens, you can re-enable Touch ID or Face ID after signing on with your username and password. If your username or password is changed, you also will need to re-enable your Touch ID or Face ID, after logging in with your new username and password.

You can disable Touch ID or Face ID at any time by logging into the app, tapping on the ‘Profile’ screen, then moving the toggle under ‘Login & Security”. Once Touch ID or Face ID is disabled, you can login with your username and password.


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