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Make your personal contributions by 25 June 2024 to make sure they’re counted towards the 2023/24 financial year.

See important dates for more information.

As one of Australia’s largest profit-for-members superannuation funds, we always remember whose money it is and whose future we’re looking after. Our 1.1m+ members. We want to help you have your best possible retirement.

Here’s just some of the ways we can be super helpful for you.

Extra help and guidance

Expert financial advice

Managing your super

MySuper Lifecycle

Extra help and guidance - at no extra cost

No matter what your financial goals are, a little help now can make a big difference to your future. We offer a range of help and guidance, from getting the most from your super to supporting your wellbeing. And because we’re run for our members, most of this support is available at no extra cost*.


We have a  wealth of calculators and tools to help you feel more on top of your super and money, including:



Self-guided or guided by us. It’s your choice. Covers everything from the basics and beyond, for wherever you’re at.


Extra wellbeing support

Your health and wellbeing are priceless. And now, you and your loved ones can access confidential support, at no extra cost.


Expert financial advice

Get super advice at no extra cost

To fast track your super savings, or get set to retire we recommend taking advantage of our super advice service. Our experts can answer questions about your investments, insurance and how to boost your super, as well as how the Government Age Pension can help. Our team is available either over the phone, or via video call - and it’s all included as part of your membership, so there’s nothing extra to pay.*

Get a financial plan and your goals sorted

You’ll get tailored financial advice and planning from our qualified advisers to help reach your goals. It does cost extra but the investment should be worth it. We'll help you:

  • Understand your retirement dreams, and see if your super is on track.
  • Optimise your finances, assets and investments out of super and show how to make them all work together.
  • Review your aged care or estate planning. 

Managing your super - faster and easier with Member Online

Cut out the (paper) work

Make fast withdrawals if you’re retired. And open a retirement income account as a member. You can also make insurance claims and track your requests.

Track your actions in My Activities tracker

Updated your details or made a recent contribution? Wondering how it’s tracking? You can now track all your actions in our helpful My Activities tracker.

Do it all securely

Our end-to-end secure encryption means your super account is safe, giving you peace of mind. You can now create your own username. We’ve also included a two-step authentication on some transactions.

Check out our award-winning app

The award-winning~ Aware Super mobile app is the easiest way for you to check in with your super and pension - anytime, anywhere. It’s also your place for more helpful updates:

  • Check your latest balance
  • Consolidate your super in just a few minutes
  • Check your insurance and insurance claims
  • Easily make once-off contributions by direct debit
  • Update your communications preferences

A super solution that changes as you do

Our MySuper Lifecyle tailors your investment mix based on your age. It invests mainly in growth investments to help your super grow faster when you’re younger. As you get closer to retirement, it starts to invest more in defensive assets, so you can still grow your savings, but with less risk.

Join the other 1.1 million members who are already with 2023's Best Super Fund.

It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up but it could mean a big difference to your future.

Your 5-step super checklist

Here’s a super helpful list of five things you can do to really set yourself up for success.

  1. Book an appointment with one of ous advisers: to fast track your super savings or get a financial plan. 
  2. Log in to your online account: It’s quick, easy and cuts out the paperwork. Use Member Online or our app to check your personal details and balance, track your investments and make transactions. 
  3. Combine your super: Find your lost super in the app or online in minutes. It will help you save on fees and extra admin
  4. Check your insurance: Make sure you’re protecting yourself and your family. Check your current cover online, or give us a call if you’d like to understand your options.
  5. Supercharge your learning: Learn how you want, when you want. Join us for a webinar or in-person seminar, or watch one of our on-demand videos.

* Members can get advice about their Aware Super accounts at no extra cost, or advice on their broader needs for a fee.

^ Best Super Fund for 2023 as awarded by Money magazine. Visit our awards page for more information.

# Before you decide to combine your super, compare your options. Consider the loss of insurance cover from your other fund(s) and any tax implications to make sure it is right for you 

~ Bronze Stevie Award at the 2022 International Business Awards.