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To aid your recovery after illness or injury, you may need the support of health professionals through your insurance claim. If this is the case, we’re here to help you. Our customer service team will guide you through every step of the claim process so you can get the professional health support you need, as early and easily as possible. 

Key points:

  • Our customer service team will guide you through the claims process, step by step
  • Send us your claims paperwork, including supporting documents
  • Our insurance provider, TAL will help you access the right health professional.

With you every step of the way

  1. Get in touch
    Call our customer service team on 1300 650 873. Our team will begin guiding you through the claims process. They'll ask you questions about your claim and the type of health support you need. They’ll also answer any questions you may have.

  2. Complete your forms
    From here, we’ll send you your claims paperwork. Once you’ve completed your forms, send them back to us. Remember to include supporting documents, such as medical reports. If you need any help with the forms, call our customer service team. 

  3. Dedicated case manager
    When we receive your completed forms, we’ll assign a case manager to your claim. Your case manager will keep you up to date on your claim’s progress. We’ll send you your case manager’s contact details – and you can contact them if you have any questions.

  4. Your health support
    Once we have your completed forms we can organise your health support. Call our customer service team and we’ll connect you with our insurance provider, TAL who will help you access the right health professional.

About our insurer

TAL is our insurance provider. TAL issues our Death, total and permanent disablement (TPD) and income protection insurance cover.

Get started with your claim

Call us on 1300 650 873 to start your claim.

Where to next?

Insurance in your super

Insurance in your super can support you and your family in the case of illness, injury, disability and death

Free and low cost health and support services

Our insurance provider, TAL, has created a directory of services to help you.

Confidential support with grief

We have a dedicated grief support service for Aware Super members.