Build your financial confidence with a dedicated planner who can help manage financial and lifestyle changes over the long term.

We know life is full of the unexpected, which is why  a service that manages change can help you move towards better financial outcomes.

Once you’ve met with a financial planner and agreed on a pathway to reach your goals, they can help you stay on course with an ongoing review service.

They work with you to build your financial confidence, modify your action plan and be a trusted partner in exploring new possibilities in your financial future.

They don’t just look at your super: they can keep an eye on your broader financial position. So whether you want to downsize, move into part-time work, or take an extended overseas trip, they can help you figure out the finances.

As part of the ongoing review service, you will receive an annual review to update your personal plan. Once you’ve signed off on your review, your planner will implement any new advice and take care of the paperwork for you.

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Supporting you in retirement

How you manage your biggest financial assets will determine how long you can fund the retirement of your choice.

An ongoing review service can help you get more out of your transition to retirement strategy and funding options for full-time retirement.

When transitioning to retirement, your planner reviews your cash flow needs each year and provides recommendations on maximising the contributions you put into your account, and the income you withdraw, working to optimise your tax.

Once you’re ready to retire full-time, they can help you work out a retirement strategy that takes into account your overall goals, tolerance for risk, and how much you have invested in different assets.

As part of your annual review, we’ll look at your investments and let you know when your plans may need to be adjusted to keep your income on track.

Your planner will walk you through your plan every year, make recommendations to optimise your situation, and even act on your behalf with Centrelink.