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For tailored advice about your broad financial situation, not just your super

Everyone can benefit from seeking expert help when making important decisions about their financial future. A financial planner can provide guidance and confidence in your financial decisions. You might consider a financial planner if you have additional questions or complex needs.

Get one-on-one professional advice and a tailored approach to the topics on your mind

Our team of qualified financial planners are available to help you design a financial plan that suits your goals and dreams.

  • Make the most of your money
  • Investment strategies
  • Getting ready to retire
  • Invest tax effectively
  • Manage investment risk
  • Making the most of retirement
  • Leaving a legacy
  • Optimise Centrelink entitlements
  • Make the most of your super and pension

Did you know...

Our clients tell us that our financial planners helped them feel confident about their financial futurerating us on average 9.6 out of 10*.

*Feedback based on 2,220 clients. Provided between 1 January 2023 and 31 March 2023

What to expect

Before your advice appointment

Our qualified financial planners will help tailor your financial plan to your life and needs. We start by understanding your current financial picture in order to explore what's possible in the future.

We’ll ask you about the kind of lifestyle you want now, and in the future. To prepare for your appointment you’ll need to know details about your overall financial picture. This includes a few things like:

  • assets you own including property and investments
  • any insurances you already have
  • any debts you have
  • your current living expenses.

A good place to start is your myGov account where you'll find a lot of your financial information in the one place.

When you book your appointment we’ll follow up with a list of items to prepare in advance.

Preparing for a great first appointment

Building a financial plan is important because it helps you make informed choices between your obligations and goals and gives you the flexibility to adjust course as new situations arise.

Things to think about before your appointment:

  • what are the things you want to achieve?
  • how well are your money and investments meeting your expectations and needs?
  • what are the things that worry you about your money?
  • what questions do you have for your financial planner?
  • what would a great appointment look like?

Your first meeting will usually run for around an hour. We’ll also prepare a Letter of Engagement, based on what we’ve discussed with you, and prepare a fee schedule for you to review and agree.

Preparing your financial plan

Your planner will analyse different scenarios and strategies. They'll also assess how they meet your needs. They’ll prepare your financial plan, detailing and explaining their recommendations. They will then send it to you to review. If you like, your planner can set up time to take you through your financial plan. They’ll explain their recommendations and your next steps.

Once we’ve discussed and agreed next steps, we’ll support you to put your plans into action.

When life changes

If anything pops up in life, or you want to make changes, we’re a phone call away to help you navigate it all.

Staying on track

Regular reviews can be a good way to make sure your plan is meeting your goals. It’s completely up to you if you’d like to have a regular review. This is at an additional cost. Your planner will let you know if there are changes you can make to optimise your financial position.

Meet Sarah Forman Group Executive Advice, Aware Super

"Quality advice can be life changing and I believe it should be available to all Australians, especially in the life moments that really matter. Our planners are here to understand every client's individual circumstances and help them navigate the choices that they have so they can feel really confident about their retirement once they get there and also the journey to get there."

What to look for in a financial planner

The most important thing to look for in a financial planner is someone who will take the time to get to know you.

They should ask you what you want to achieve and what you care about. A great planner explains concepts and your options in plain English. They also encourage you to ask questions.

When they provide you with a financial plan, they'll be available to talk to you about their recommendations. They should answer any questions you have.

Before meeting with a financial planner, you should check their qualifications and history. All our financial planners are qualified and authorised to provide financial advice.

You can check a planner’s qualifications and history on the ASIC financial adviser register

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