At Aware Super we work hard to help our members retire with confidence. This includes supporting your health and financial wellbeing, which is why we offer access to a number of helpful tools and services.

As an Aware Super member your health is important to us. We’re committed to helping you recover after injury or illness. When the unexpected happens, we understand it’s only human to need extra help. That’s why, if you need to make an insurance claim, we can help with more than just payments.

As part of making a claim, our insurance partner TAL’s Health Support program tailors their approach to your individual needs. They make sure you get the support you need during your recovery. They can work alongside your medical team, carer, or employer to make things easier for you. When you’re ready, they can connect you with the support services relevant to your health needs and return-to-work goals.

Suffering an illness or injury is challenging at the best of times. But when you can't work, you’re not only physically impacted but emotionally and financially too. That’s why if you need to make a claim, you’ll receive the physical, mental, and financial support that’s right for you.

Through TAL’s Health Support program, they offer a range of support services that are:

  • completely optional and won’t impact your claim
  • provided at no extra cost to you
  • hand-picked by TAL’s team of health experts
  • evidence-based and medically aligned, and
  • focused on achieving your health and return-to-work goals.

Contact your TAL Claims Consultant to learn more or make a claim.
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