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An injury or illness may mean you need support with a wide range of things including understanding your condition and treatment, support with practical things like transport, daily living tasks and managing your finances, through to additional rehab and emotional support.

The TAL Health Connector helps you find the support you need with a directory of free or low-cost government and community resources.

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Your mental health is important to us. Aware Super is offering you access to Headlight, a secure online tool that helps you take control of your mental health and wellbeing. Developed by our life insurer TAL alongside the University of Sydney's Brain and Mind Centre, Headlight provides you with a personal wellbeing score and access to evidenced based tools and resources.

Headlight is free to use and the information you provide is completely anonymous. Read the terms and conditions of accessing this service and for details on how personal information will be collected and managed.

Important: This information is of a general nature which means it doesn’t take into account  your specific objectives, financial situation or needs. We recommend you contact us for up-to-date information before you access your benefit, or if you need confirmation of your insurance cover. You should read the Member Booklet (Product Disclosure Statement) for the product before making any decisions or call Customer Service on 1300 650 873 for a free copy.

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Managing your financial health

Aware Super offers webinar super series which covers a range of topics to help you get the most out of your superannuation and finances.

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