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Helping you feel confident about your retirement

Estimate how much money you’ll need in retirement based on your current situation and future goals.

Find out your Retirement Confidence Score and how close you are to your retirement goals.

Get a step-by-step action plan to help you get started.


Understand your confidence score

Your Retirement Confidence Score lets you know if you’re on track to enjoy your chosen retirement lifestyle.

If you’re not on track, that's ok. You can adjust different elements to see how you can improve your score, including:

  • Your investment strategy
  • Adding more into your super now
  • Your retirement age
  • Your income in retirement.

Now is a good time to start planning

My Retirement Planner puts you in control. As your own digital planner, it provides a personalised step-by-step plan for how to achieve the retirement you want.

It’s never too early to make changes to maximise your super.

Learn more about planning for retirement

Jacki Ellis We know from talking with our members that the key challenge when trying to plan for your retirement is just to know where to start or even how to begin to approach the complexity.

Geoff Kaye People have this belief that they've been putting into super all their lives. It's going to be enough not to have to worry about. It'll look after itself. And so they tend to sort of just keep putting it off and be a little bit complacent around their superannuation.

Jacki Ellis It's just so easy to put off things like retirement planning. But the great irony is that the best thing that you can do to support your lifestyle in retirement is actually to make that plan and know where you stand. We're here to help our members get set up for success. We know that helping them understand their circumstances, their goals and make a plan that works for them is really what's going to make a difference to their future retirement. So we have created my retirement plan, which is a easy to access, easy to use retirement calculator that's available to our Aware Super members. We've set up the tool to make it as super easy as possible to use, it's pre-populated with all the information we already know about you. Then you're guided through choices around the lifestyle that you're looking for in retirement. How much income do I need in retirement to maintain the lifestyle I know and love today? How on track am I to reach that goal and what can I do to get myself in even better shape for my future? So in the final step, you'll see how you're tracking towards your goals and also receive your retirement confidence score. We all know that we can't predict the future and markets go up and down. And so the retirement confidence score helps you understand how confident you can be that you're actually going to receive that estimate of what you'll get in retirement. And then you receive a detailed step by step plan so it's easy for you to know what to do next.

Geoff Kaye So for something that's quite sophisticated, it's actually very intuitive. And one of the great features is you can change various inputs to get a different outcome in a different answer and see how changing, whether it be your investment profile or your living expense needs, play around with those different fields to get a different outcome and see which decisions make the biggest impact on the long term outcome. You can organise to make an appointment, whether it be via the phone or video or face to face. Learn a bit more about how it all works and how it can get you on the right pathway.

Get set for retirement today.

The right choices today could make a big difference to your future.

Your super helpful guide to retirement

Retirement goals are different for everyone, but thinking about the question is a great first step towards approaching retirement with confidence. Our Retirement Guide is a helpful place to start.

You’ll find:

  • Answers to common questions about retirement.
  • Case studies from other members.
  • Activities to help you plan ahead.
  • Retirement planning checklist.

Attend a free webinar or seminar

Everyone can join our experienced experts as they break down superannuation and finances into easy-to-understand topics through live webinars and seminars.

  • How to develop a plan for retirement.
  • Retire with success.
  • How to finance your retirement.
  • And many more!