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Types of seminars

Retirement planning

Plan now to reward yourself with a comfortable retirement in the future! Qualified financial planners can help you understand how much money you’ll need for retirement and the actions you can take now to make a difference to your lifestyle in the future.

Aged care

Do you need information or advice about aged care services? You’ll get help in understanding technical terms, and the processes and costs in aged care – we make the complex simple! Receive guidance from experts with personal experience and professional expertise in aged care advice. All ages are welcome.


What’s the difference between seminars and webinars?


To help you make informed financial decisions for your future, we deliver a variety of financial education topics.

Webinars are shorter sessions which provide an overview of a topic. There are a range of topics to choose from and they can be conveniently accessed from any geographic location. Webinars run from 45 minutes to an hour with a Q&A session at the end.

Our seminars, which are delivered in person at a local venue, allow us to meet members and spend more time answering your questions. These are longer events, running from an hour to 1.5 hours, and provide an in-depth information session. Questions can be asked throughout or at the end of a seminar, creating an interactive learning environment. Refreshments are served before the seminar.


Why attend?


  • You’ll get expert advice on superannuation and finances

Seminars are run by our expert education team who are committed to helping you get the most out of your superannuation and finances.

  • Information for your stage of life

Superannuation is relevant at every stage of your life.

  • Feel confident about your future

You’ll get the knowledge you need right now to make decisions about your future. Taking action now could have a huge impact on your lifestyle later.

  • Ask questions

There is lots of time to answer your questions. If you’re unsure about something, it’s likely others are too, so let’s work through it together.

  • It’s complementary!

This is a service we provide to members and the public at no extra cost so bring along your friends and family.



Upcoming seminars

Face to face seminars are paused due to covid-19. Please check out our extensive webinar program.