Growing your savings for a comfortable retirement partly comes down to making good investment choices.

We offer a range of pre-mixed and single asset class investment options.

If you become a member and don't choose an investment option, your super is invested in our default investment options. There are two options: MySuper Life Cycle Growth, and MySuper Life Cycle Balanced Growth.

The Growth option is a long-term strategy designed to perform best over a time frame of at least five to 10 years. It’s best suited to our members in their 50s or below.

When you hit 60, we shift your super into Balanced Growth: a less aggressive strategy that aims to protect your money against market volatility.

We will match your investment mix to your life stage automatically, so no matter where you are along the journey, you can have confidence in our investment decision making.

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Our pre-mixed options

We offer a range of pre-mixed investment options in addition to the MySuper Life Cycle options:

  • High Growth
  • Growth
  • Diversified Socially Responsible Investment (SRI)
  • Balanced Growth
  • Conservative Growth

These options are invested in a pre-determined ratio of growth to income assets to suit different types of investors.

As the name suggests, High Growth is our most aggressive investment option and is best suited to members with 10 years or more to ride out the highs and lows of more volatile investments.

Our Diversified Socially Responsible Investment option allows you to invest your super in an option with positive and negative screens for specific values and behaviours, across all asset classes.

If you are planning on accessing your super in the next few years, a less aggressive strategy such as Conservative Growth may be the option for you.

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Single asset class options

As a member you have the ability to tailor your investments through single asset class options:

  • Australian Equities
  • Australian Equities Socially Responsible Investment (SRI)
  • International Equities
  • Property
  • Australian Fixed Interest
  • International Fixed Interest
  • Cash

It’s wise to do some research into how different asset classes work before deciding which ones are best suited to your own circumstances and tolerance for risk.

A tailored mix allows you to pick the exact percentage break down of how your super gets invested.

For example, if you have a longer time frame to ride the highs and lows, you might decide to invest a greater proportion of your super into high growth, high risk assets such as equities.

You can make the switch using your online account, or by filling out an investment choice form.

You can choose to switch your existing account balance, your future contributions, or both. 

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