We aim to deliver strong, long-term returns while being a force for good in our communities.

Our approach

Our investment approach aims to deliver strong long-term investment returns, over and above inflation, to help you grow your retirement savings, and we believe we can do this while being a force for good.

We take care when choosing investments to ensure we only take on risk that we believe will be adequately rewarded. We also incorporate environmental, social and governance considerations into our investment decision making process.

Our investment beliefs

Good, transparent practices make the difference:

  • A strong governance framework and clear accountabilities creates a positive culture and will lead to better investment results

Being a responsible owner adds value:

  • This comes from managing risks, including those related to ESG, and accessing a broader range of return opportunities
  • This allows us to create more sustainable outcomes and a “virtuous circle” between investment markets and our communities

There is an advantage in having a long-term mindset:

  • It allows us to invest differently, where we have conviction, and be an early adopter
  • We will regularly review outcomes, to learn and adjust as we go
  • We will invest for the future in our capabilities and people

There are many ways to invest to deliver value:

  •  We will blend many approaches to best meet our objectives
  • Asset allocation is a key driver of performance and we will manage it actively to seek additional returns or to reduce risk
  • Active management within asset classes can often significantly improve risk adjusted returns

We believe scale advantages should be used to reduce cost and increase the range of opportunities:

  • We can build capabilities to manage assets internally and manage costs. Managing assets directly can make us a better overall investor
  • We are able to consider opportunities flexibly and take advantage of those not available to smaller investors

Tailoring our investment approach to the needs of our members

As part of our members first philosophy, we have taken steps to ensure we tailor the way we manage money to meet the differing needs of our members.

Growth and High Growth options

These options are typically used by members during the initial phase of their superannuation journey, and our investment strategy for these options is focused on generating strong capital growth.

Conservative and Balanced Growth options

These options are more conservative in nature and typically used by members in the lead up to retirement. Our investment approach for these options aims to provide growth and protection from the effects of inflation, while also aiming to reduce the impact of large share market falls.