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Information in our Product Disclosure Statements, which are not materially adverse, are subject to change and may be updated from time to time. You can find the updated information at

Personal members
(accumulation accounts)

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Employer-Sponsored members (accumulation accounts)

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Ambulance officers’ Super members (accumulation accounts)

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Police Blue Ribbon Super members (accumulation accounts)

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Transition to retirement income stream members


Retirement income stream members


Additional Products offered by Aware Super
These products are offered by Aware Super as a result of the Successor Fund Transfer of the StatePlus Retirement Fund to the First State Superannuation Scheme on 1 July 2019.

About Aware Super (Personal members)

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About Aware Super (Employer Sponsored, Police Blue Ribbon Super, Ambulance Officers' Super)

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Insurance (Employer Sponsored)


Key Facts Sheet - Insurance (Employer Super)

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Insurance (Police Blue Ribbon Super)


Insurance (Ambulance Officers' Super member)


Insurance (Personal)




Nominating beneficiaries

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How super works

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Tax and super

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Fees and costs

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Financial Services Guide

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Advice Financial Services Guide

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What are the Design and Distribution Obligations (DDO)

DDO requires issuers and distributors of financial products to have a customer-centric approach to the design and distribution of their products, with the aim of helping customers to obtain financial products that are appropriate for their objectives, financial situation and needs. It is applicable to all our products that require a Product Disclosure Statement excluding MySuper and closed products.

What’s a Target Market Determination?

A Target Market Determination is a document which describes a group of retail clients (the target market) for whom a product is likely to be appropriate or consistent with their likely objectives, financial situation and needs. It provides any conditions and restrictions on how the product can be distributed to customers.

It also describes the events or circumstances where we may need to review the Target Market Determination for a financial product.

Why we need to have Target Market Determinations?

We’re required to have Target Market Determinations as a result of changes that have been made to the Corporations Act 2001.

This is to make sure we’re keeping customers at the centre of our approach to the design and distribution of our financial products.

For Aware Super Group Product Distributors Only:
As per ASIC Corporations (Design and Distribution Obligations Interim Measures) Instrument 2021/784, you no longer need to report if nil complaints are received. We will be incorporating these changes to our TMDs in the next TMD review cycle.

Personal member


Employer sponsored

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Ambulance officers’ super

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Police Blue Ribbon super

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Transition to Retirement Income Stream

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Retirement Income Stream

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Target Market Determinations are regularly reviewed with any archived versions available for reference.

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