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Make your personal contributions by 25 June 2024 to make sure they’re counted towards the 2023/24 financial year.

See important dates for more information.

Your privacy matters to us. We take strong measures to ensure your super is secure and your private information remains confidential. But, you play a role too, in reducing risks like identity theft and privacy breaches.

Key points:

  • Our priority is to protext your funds and your privacy
  • Learn more about safeguarding your super below or visit Money Smart
  • For help, call us at 1300 650 873, Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 6:00pm AEST/AEDT
  • Access and manage your account anytime. You can change your password details anytime:

Reporting fraud

Our Safety Measures

We go to great lengths to shield your privacy and funds. Here are some ways we keep your info secure while you're online with us.

Encrypting Your Data

When you access your account, your data is guarded by cutting-edge encryption tech. This keeps your sensitive information safe between your computer and our systems. Look for a padlock in the address bar before the URL. This signals a secure site with a trusted security certificate.

Extra Verification

For certain online tasks, we'll send you an authentication code via your mobile or email. This extra step, called two-factor authentication, ensures only you can log in.

Contact us right away if:

  • you get a code from us but don't know why
  • you're asked for your account details or password through email/SMS
  • your secure portal access is suspended
  • your mobile can't make calls and your number was transferred without your knowledge.

Session Timeouts

If you're signed in and inactive for a while, your session will end. This prevents unauthorised access to your data on an unattended device. To resume, re-enter your login info.

Protecting Yourself

Keep Personal Details Current

Having accurate info matters. If a privacy breach occurs, we need to contact you fast, confirm your identity, and manage the risk. Make sure your mobile and email are current, so we can reach you.

We'll never ask you to click links in emails or SMS to update details. You can do this safely:

on a desktop computer:

  • go to
  • log in to your Member Online account and visit Profile > Contact Information.

on your phone or tablet:

  • get the Aware Super app.
  • log in and go to Profile > Update details.

Check Your Account

Stay on top of your account details to spot any unusual activity. Check your super balance, employer contributions, and download your annual statement. Review insurance cover if you have it. Need updates? Log in online or use our app. We'll confirm your identity via SMS or email code. If you get a code for a change you didn't make, call us at 1300 650 873.

Choose a Secure Password

Create a strong password and update it regularly. Never share it, even with friends. Ensure it's unique to Aware Super, not easily guessed, and not written down. An online password manager is a safe option.

Spot Phishing Emails and Sites

Stay cautious online. Don't click unexpected links/attachments. Type URLs into your browser. Look for 'https' and the padlock symbol. Log out of secure sites when done.

Secure Your Computer

Install firewall and anti-virus software. Update your system. Avoid public computers. Protect your mail.

Identify Protection Tips

  • use a lockable letterbox
  • shred sensitive documents
  • have mail held at the post office when away
  • secure your email: use strong passwords, turn on two-factor authentication
  • avoid storing sensitive docs in email or the cloud
  • keep your Tax File Number confidential
  • be wary of early super access offers.

Report suspicious activity

Don't hesitate to report oddities.

  • For suspected illegal schemes, contact ASIC or the ATO
  • for unauthorised withdrawals, call us at 1300 650 873.

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