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Make your personal contributions by 25 June 2024 to make sure they’re counted towards the 2023/24 financial year.

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My Retirement Planner will give you a retirement confidence score. This score shows how close you are to your target retirement goal. It also gives you a super helpful step by step action plan to help you reach your retirement goal.  

Key points

With My Retirement Planner you will receive a comprehensive result, including: 

  • your projected super balance at retirement
  • your projected income at retirement. This includes any Government Age Pension you may be eligible for, and
  • a retirement confidence score between 0 and 100.

Your score is based on:

  • all the details you share with us
  • your retirement goals, and 
  • financial market projections.

There are ways you can improve your score, such as:

  • Updating your investment strategy 
  • Adding more to your super 
  • Pushing back your retirement age 
  • Changing your target retirement income 

Understanding your results

Congratulations on taking the first step and using My Retirement Planner to take control of your retirement. 

There are three parts to your results: 

  1. your projected super balance

  2. your projected income

  3. your retirement confidence score. 

Your projected balance is an estimate of how much you’ll have when you retire. The projected income shows how much you should access each year to make your balance last. This includes any income you can get from the Government Age Pension. 

Below you’ll find out more about the retirement confidence score, and how you can grow your super and improve your score.  Remember, we’re always here to help you along the way. 

It's important to understand the My Retirement Planner tool and score is based on certain assumptions. While we believe these assumptions are reasonable, actual outcomes may be different. 

What is a retirement confidence score?

Your retirement confidence score shows if you’re on track to reach your income goal – and lifestyle- in retirement, and how to start making changes if you need to. 

You can increase your score by:

  • changing some of your actions, or 
  • rethinking the lifestyle you’d like to have

Watch our video on how My Retirement Planner calculates your retirement confidence score

How we calculate your score

Your score is based on:

  • all the details you share with us
  • your retirement goals, and 
  • financial market projections. These take into account the possible ups and downs of investment markets.

To see how likely you are to achieve your target lifestyle, we compare your details against a realistic view of how the future might unfold. 

This gives you your retirement confidence score. 

Understanding your score

Your retirement confidence score is between 0 and 100. The higher the score, the more likely you are to have a retirement income close to what you want, based on when you want to retire.

What’s a good score?

A score of 100 means you’ll likely achieve 100% of your retirement income goal. Because markets move and returns aren’t always easy to predict, this score is very hard to get. 

Congratulations! Your retirement plan is well on track. 

A score of 90 means you should be very confident in achieving 90% of your retirement income goal. Less than 25% of members near retirement are estimated to be in this band.  

Want to aim even higher?

There are steps you can take to help you get there.

You’re in good shape! 

A score of 75 means you should be reasonably confident in achieving 75% of your retirement income goal. If you’re in this range, you’re likely in a better position than the average member near retirement.

Keen to improve your score?

There are steps you can take today to help grow your super.

You’re building on strong foundations! 

A score of 60 means you should be somewhat confident in achieving 60% of your retirement income goal.

Keen to improve your score?

There are steps you can take today to grow your super. 

You’ve made an important first step. Understanding how you're tracking towards your ideal retirement lifestyle will give you a helpful platform to build a strong retirement plan. 

If you’re ready to start growing your super, we're here to support you. Explore our tools.

Ways you can improve your score

If you need to make changes, don’t worry. It’s never too late (or too early) to strengthen your retirement plans. You can boost your score by making changes like:

  • Changing your target retirement income
  • Updating your investment strategy
  • Adding more to your super
  • Pushing back your retirement age

Want to change your score?

A note on your retirement confidence score

We consider financial market ups and downs – and how they might affect your retirement income – when calculating your retirement confidence score. This means My Retirement Planner aims to give you a realistic picture of how close you are to your retirement goals.

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