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Track investment returns

Track the returns for each of our investment options. Our aim is to deliver strong long-term returns to help grow your super savings, so you retire with more.

Market updates

Our half-yearly 2023/24 investment market update

Join Aware Super Chief Investment Officer, Damian Graham, as he reflects on markets and investment performance for the first half of the 2023/24 financial year – and how it affects your super.

We have new investment options

Some existing investment options have changed in name only or have been replaced by new investment options.

Our term deposit interest rates vary depending on the term and are not listed above. 

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Things to consider

  • these tables show the investment returns for our Future Saver, Retirement Transition and Retirement Income accounts for the most current period. Note that returns will be published within two weeks of the end of the month
  • performance history is not available prior to the date an investment option was introduced
  • investment returns can be positive or negative. This is reflected in the way unit prices regularly move up and down
  • past performance is not a reliable indicator nor is it a guarantee of future performance. The value of investments can rise or fall
  • neither the investments of Aware Super nor payments of capital to members are guaranteed by the trustee.

Looking for historical unit prices and investment returns for closed VicSuper and Aware Super investment options and products? Find them here.

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