Here’s a look at some of our member stories. Together, we have set retirement goals, created saving and investment strategies, and seen how financial advice has made a real difference in our members’ lives.

Lauren’s financial advice story

As a woman, when I first sought financial advice it was daunting. The more I learnt, the more empowered I was. I think all women should know everything there is to know about their financial future." - Lauren, Aware Super member.

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Planning for a super future

Like many of us, Lauren hadn’t paid much attention to her super. After all, she was working hard as a teacher, and retirement seemed so far away. But in her late 50s, she realised her future depended on it – literally!


“Suddenly I knew my future decisions were going to be based on how wealthy or poor I was.”


That’s when Lauren met Graeme, her Aware Super financial planner. With little financial knowledge or experience, Lauren asked Graeme to start with the basics, and that’s exactly what he did.

Graeme listened to Lauren’s needs and even drew simple diagrams on the whiteboard – all to help her understand what she needed to know in order to plan for the life she’d dreamt of once she’d finished work.


“The more I learned, the more empowered I was.”


After the first few meetings with her financial planner, Lauren not only became more confident, but more interested in how she could make the most of her super to fund the life she wanted. This included topping up her super, to ensure she made the most of super’s tax and other benefits over the years until she retired.

Lauren says that Graeme would show her where she was at, what the best investment strategies were and what her projected income would be. He would explain various scenarios including different accounts, different investments, and different risk and return profiles, and Lauren liked the fact she had lots of options.

This enabled Lauren to choose the path she was most comfortable with. And as she says, the more informed she become, the less worried she was. Just as importantly, Lauren’s financial planner helped her think long term, and feel more secure even during the market’s ups and downs.


 “Seeing my financial planner empowered me to be in control of my future.”


It was then that Lauren’s future came into focus – she wanted to stop working, leave Sydney and buy a property in the beautiful northern NSW hinterland town of Bangalow.

By helping Lauren clarify her needs and wants, Graeme helped her make the best decisions to reach her goal. This included planning how much she could live on, and what her projected future would look like. According to Lauren, that was the best bit – planning meant more certainty that the future she wanted was actually achievable.

And now? Lauren says she’s finally busy doing the fun stuff – like fixing up her place, gardening, visiting friends and going out. All with the knowledge that she can afford to keep enjoying life to the full.

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