If you’re nearing or in retirement, you have different priorities compared with someone younger and just starting out. How your super is managed should be different too.
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While everyone's situations differ, when you're young, it can make sense to chase high returns - even if this means taking on some extra risk - because you have time to ride out market ups and downs and recover from any short-term losses. As you approach retirement, preserving what you have, and doing what you can to minimise the amount you might lose if markets fall, becomes much more important. At this stage you have less time to make up any losses, and if you’re not working, less ability to contribute more to your super.

Our investment experts understand this very well and tailor how money is managed for those nearing or in retirement. In fact, it's one of the reasons we enhanced our Lifecycle investment approach for our default MySuper option – to make sure our members’ super is managed in a way that best suits their age and stage of life.


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Meet Jacki Ellis, one of our Retirement Strategy Portfolio Managers, and a driving force behind the investment strategies that aim to help keep your super safe as you head towards retirement.

"At Aware Super we’re lucky to have a large, well-resourced and experienced investment team. We are confident that our Lifecycle investment approach will deliver better outcomes to our members in retirement – by focusing on growing their super when they’re young and protecting and preserving their balance as they near retirement.”