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Staying on top of your money in super and retirement is simple with the mobile app and your member dashboard online.

Key points:

  • Access your account online in two ways – through the Aware Super mobile app and your secure member dashboard online.
  • Manage your account anytime, anywhere. 
  • If you’re growing your super you can 
    • Add to your super, consolidate your accounts, find lost super, switch investment options, and more 
  • If you’re managing your money in a retirement account you can change your income payments, check your balance, switch investment options, and withdraw your super as a lump sum, and more. 

What you can do with your account online

Scroll table horizontally on mobile

Features Aware Super Mobile app MembersOnline (desktop)
Check your balance, transactions and fees
View and change your investment options
Manage your income payment details
Project your income
View your annual statements
Access your digital membership card
Change communication preferences
Make a withdrawal
Access your Centrelink Schedule
Manage your beneficiaries
Check your fund performance  
View other important documents  

Use the Aware Super mobile app

It’s quick and easy to manage your super or retirement account on the go with our award-winning Aware Super mobile app1

Follow these simple steps to access and manage your super using the app:

1. Download the app

2. Register for online access

If you haven’t already registered for online access, you’ll need to do so before using the app. Registering through the app is simple. After you download the app, tap ‘Set up online access’ at the bottom of the screen and follow the prompts.

To start using the app you’ll need your email address or member number and your password. This will be the password you set up for online access to your account.

Access your super through your online account

This is a simple, secure way to manage your super or retirement money. 

To log in, you need to register for online access. If you haven’t done this already, it’s easy and only takes two minutes. 

Register for online access

Register now

You will need your email address and member number to register.

1 The Aware Super app was awarded Gold at the 2021 Sydney Design Awards in the Digital - Expanded Service or Application category; Winner at the 2020 Good Design Awards Australia in the Digital Apps & Software category and was awarded Gold at the 2019 Sydney Design Awards in the Digital - New Service or Application category.

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