At Aware Super we believe climate change is one of the most significant long-term risks to our portfolio – and therefore our members’ retirement outcomes. That’s why it is a key focus for us. Since 2015, we have focused on the risks and opportunities of climate change in our investment portfolio and were one of the first super funds to develop a Climate Change Adaptation Plan.

In 2019, we went a step further. As part of our commitment to understand the potential impacts of climate change, we analysed advances in climate science, the increasing evidence of the impacts of climate change and the strengthening of global targets and commitments to reduce emissions.

The result was our Climate Change Portfolio Transition Plan – which is a framework of recommendations and targets designed to develop a decarbonisation pathway for our portfolio and achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and an economy-wide 45% reduction in emissions by 2030.

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Healthy climate, strong economy

We are committed to working with other like-minded investors and industry groups to advocate for change. Read about our support of Climate League 2030 here.

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Divesting from thermal coal miners

Divesting from thermal coal miners is just one of the ways we are responding to the impacts of climate change.