What is MySuper Lifecycle?

MySuper Lifecycle is Aware Super's default super investment approach that tailors your investments to your age, to help you retire with more. It's where close to 600,000 or more than 85% of our super (accumulation) members invest their money.

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To get the most out of your super and help you retire with more, your investments need to change with you. 

That’s where MySuper Lifecycle comes in. 

MySuper Lifecycle is our default investment approach and is where more than 85% of our super members invest their money. 

Most super funds invest their members’ savings in just one default investment option. 

At Aware Super your Lifecycle default investments change to suit your age. And the good news is, our investment team does this all for you by adjusting your investments as you get closer to retirement. 

So how does our Lifecycle investment approach work? 

During the ‘Grow’ phase your super is 100% invested in High Growth. 

This helps maximise your returns, getting your super off to a great start and keeping it growing. 

When you reach age 56 we ‘Manage’ your super by adjusting your investment mix each year. 

Your investments gradually shift from a higher allocation to growth assets like shares, towards a more balanced mix, to help safeguard your savings from short-term dips in the market. 

And at 65 your super is 100% invested in Balanced Growth for more stable returns, setting you up to ‘Enjoy’ your best possible retirement. 

MySuper Lifecycle. Designed to grow your savings while you’re younger, manage the balance between risk and return as you move through life, and set you up to enjoy your savings in retirement. 

Our MySuper Lifecycle investment approach, helping you retire with more.

How MySuper Lifecycle works

With MySuper Lifecycle, as you get older, your investments will change to ensure they remain appropriately matched to your age. This puts you in a better position to help achieve your best possible retirement.

We've identified three key stages of your superannuation investment horizon, helping you strike a better balance between risk and return to suit your age.

The 3 key stages to MySuper Lifecycle:

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  • GROW

    Up to age 55


    Age 56-64


    From age 65

Up until age 55, you'll be 100% invested in the High Growth option.

This phase of the Lifecycle approach is designed to make the most of your potential to grow your superannuation savings and maximise your returns over the long term.

Your investments will include a high allocation to growth assets, because at this age, you have the time to ride out market ups and downs.

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MySuper Lifecycle investment mix

MySuper Lifecycle automatically adjusts your investment mix as you get older, helping you strike a balance between risk and return that's best suited to your age.

MySuper Lifecycle diagram

Most superannuation funds will invest the savings of their default MySuper members in a single investment option. And as a result, the investment mix of their members doesn't change, regardless of their age.

Benefits of MySuper Lifecycle

Focused on long term returns to help you retire with more.
And you can rest easy, knowing we do it all for you.

A strong performer over the long term

Our High Growth option, which is where members up to the age of 55 are invested, is ranked in the top 10 over 3, 5, 7 and 10 year periods as at 30 June 2022*.

You don't need to do a thing

Our dedicated team of experts manage your investment mix based on your age, with a view to helping you achieve better retirement outcomes.

Confidence to plan for your retirement

By managing the balance between risk and return to suit your age, we aim to provide a more stable ongoing return in the lead up your retirement. This helps to safeguard your savings during this important time so that you can enjoy your best possible retirement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MySuper Lifecycle?

MySuper is the default investment option provided by our fund. Lifecycle is our active investment approach, which changes as you get closer to retirement. We’re making improvements to MySuper Lifecycle to help members boost their savings and better manage risk as they move through life.

From June 2021 we’re increasing the level of tailoring that’s automatically built into the Lifecycle approach.

MySuper Lifecycle is Aware Super’s default super investment approach – it’s where close to 600,000 (or more than 86%) of our super (accumulation) members invest their money.

What is the new Lifecycle approach?

Super is a long-term investment and your investment needs will change over time. Your age can play a big part in what you need from your super -  whether you’re looking to grow your savings while you’re younger, manage the balance between risk and return as you move through life,  or enjoy your savings in retirement. As a result, our new approach tailors your investment through 3 clearly defined life stages: 

1. Grow (for members aged 55 and under) 100% High Growth 

This phase of the Lifecycle approach is designed to make the most of members' potential to grow their savings and maximise returns over the long term. 

Their investments will include a high allocation to growth assets, because at this age, there is time to ride out market ups and downs.  

2. Manage (between the ages of 56 and 65) 

Ten- year transition from High Growth, to Growth, then to Balanced Growth 

This phase is about moving members gradually (to manage risk) as they are in their final years of work and/or moving towards retirement. 

The Growth option aims to generate strong returns, but also includes some less risky assets to cushion their investments from short-term dips in the market.  

The lower risk Balanced Growth option incorporates risk management strategies that aim to cushion the impact of large market falls to help safeguard the members' savings.  

3. Enjoy (65+) 100% Balanced Growth 

The lower risk profile helps safeguard members' savings and provides them with a more stable ongoing return. 

This is a time when many members look to retire or are actively considering it. It is important to maintain the savings they've worked so hard for, so that members can be set up to enjoy the best possible retirement with confidence. 

Can I opt out of the lifecycle option at any stage if I am a member? How?

Yes, a member does not have to remain invested in the Lifecycle approach. To opt out, members must simply make their own investment choice on their account, selecting which investment option they want to be invested in. Once a member makes their own investment choice they become a ‘choice’ member rather than a default ‘Lifecycle” member.

What are the benefits of this design to our members?

Your age can play a big part in how you invest your super. Typically when you’re younger you may wish to invest your super in riskier, high growth investments as you generally have time to wait out the occasional market downturn. As you get closer to retirement it may be a good idea to start reducing your investment risk.

Our new progressive Lifecycle investment approach takes advantage of our investment expertise – we manage MySuper Lifecycle with the aim of helping members grow their retirement savings when they’re younger and reduce their investment risk as they get closer to retirement.

What are the investment options incorporated in the Lifecycle design?

Your super is invested across three investment options within the MySuper Lifecycle. Depending on your age, you may be invested in one or two of the investment options for a period of time.

The options are High Growth, Growth and Balanced Growth which are part of Aware Super’s existing diversified investment option suite that are offered to all members. The diversified investment options provide you with the benefit of diversification by being invested across different asset classes, investment styles and managers.

For more information on each investment option refer to pages 10 to 16 of the Member Booklet Supplement - Investments.

View MySuper Lifecycle investment profiles (PDF, 1.1MB)

* Source: SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey 30 June 2022 (SR50 Growth (77-90) Index - approximately 50 options). Aware Super High Growth ranked within the top 10 for 3, 5, 7 and 10 year periods. Returns are net of investment fees, tax and implicit asset-based administration fees. Investment returns are not guaranteed. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The Aware Super High Growth option was introduced to MySuper Lifecycle on the 11th June 2021.

^For a full overview of our current awards and ratings, see https://aware.com.au/about/culture/awards