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Simple, smarter super to help you retire with more

Aware Super and VicSuper joined to become one of Australia’s largest profit-for-member funds. As VicSuper members are now part of Aware, this means you and our 1 million+ members2 can continue to enjoy competitive fees3, strong long-term returns4, and simple, smarter super solutions.

Introducing your new Member Online

We’ve updated your Member Online, so it's simpler for you to manage your super savings. Your Member Online account will also look and feel different. You can log in using your VicSuper username and password – no need to update!

  • Easier to read investment performance summary
  • Make a contribution and complete a Notice of intent form to claim a tax deduction now online
  • Track your actions in My Activities tracker
  • Process and track an insurance claim and more

Advice from our experts

We understand you may have questions about your new Aware Super account.

Our friendly team of experts are here to help offer a range of advice options depending on what you’d like to achieve. We offer simple advice on managing your account at no extra cost, or for more complex needs our experienced advisers can provide personalised help and advice to help you retire with confidence.

Enjoy more benefits

Do more on the go

The award-winning Aware Super mobile app5 is the easiest way for you to check in with your super and pension – anytime, anywhere. Delete the VicSuper app and download the new one using the link below.

Supercharge your learning

Join our experienced experts online. They’ll break down super and finances into easy-to-understand topics. Join live or learn at a time that suits you with our seminars or on-demand webinars.

Understand market ups and downs

Stay on top of the latest market news with regular updates from our expert investments team.

Learn about market volatility and the opportunities for strong, long-term returns for your retirement savings.


Industry leading investment approach

My Super Lifecycle is Aware Super’s default investment approach that tailors your investments to your age, to help you retire with more.

Boost your health and wellbeing

If you’re insured with us, you also have access to mental health, nutrition, fitness and grief support services. It’s all provided through our insurance partner, TAL at no additional cost.

Look for any lost super

With billions in lost and unclaimed super sitting with the ATO7, chances are you might find some funds you didn’t know you had! Easily find and combine using our online tool.6

NEW Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI): 53 226 460 365 001

If you had VicSuper as your super fund, please check your employer has the new Aware USI. If this number is not provided to your employer, they won’t be able to pay super contributions to us. You will be able to see this change on your payslip.

More on what this change means for you...

New phone number and operating hours

Our phone lines are open longer to take your calls. You can reach us:

Monday to Friday
8:00am to 7:00pm (AEST/AEDT)
T: 1300 650 873
International T: +61 3 9131 6373

Contact us

Choose your communication preferences

It’s simple to review and update. Log in to Member Online and go to Profile: Communications preferences.

Log in

No change to your login details

Your username and password for Member Online and the Aware Super app stay the same. Simply delete the VicSuper app and download the Aware Super app. If you have Touch ID or Face ID set up for the VicSuper app, you’ll just need to set this up again for the Aware Super app.

Manage your account


A: All of these things 

  • Your member number and account number will stay the same.
  • Your current login username and password details to access your account online and app won’t change. You’ll use the same details to log in to Member Online on the Aware Super website or when using the Aware Super App.
  • There will be no changes to your investment options or insurance arrangements.
  • If you already have a relationship with an Aware Super financial adviser, this will continue.
  • Any death benefit nomination you have in place will remain unchanged.
  • VicSuper members are moving to the Aware Super division. On 1 May 2023, the VicSuper name retired. VicSuper members are being moved to the Aware Super Accumulation and Pension division in the Fund. You don’t need to do anything as a result of this transfer and it will not impact your balance or result in any changes to your investment options, insurance benefits, fees and costs.

For more information please click here

A: Here are some things to take note of:

  • Your VicSuper product is changing and it will have a new Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI) too:
    Your previous product: VicSuper Future Saver
    Your new product from 1 May 2023: Aware Super Future Saver
    NEW USI – 53 226 460 365 001. A USI is used to identify super funds and individual super fund products for super contributions and electronic rollovers.
    If you have chosen VicSuper as your Choice of Fund, please provide your employer with the new USI. This USI should be used to send your contributions to us on or after Monday 1 May 2023 (but not before that). If this number is not provided to your employer, they won’t be able to pay super contributions to us.
  • From Monday 1 May 2023 there’ll be changes to the way you access your account online:
    • a) You’ll no longer be able to access the VicSuper website. The information, tools and support you need to help plan for your future or manage your retirement will be found on the Aware Super website at
    • b) VicSuper MembersOnline, the online member portal where you access your account, will be now called Member Online. You‘ll be able to log in to Member Online on the Aware Super website at
    • c) If you use the VicSuper app, you should delete it from your mobile device after 9am Wednesday 10 May 2023 and download the Aware Super app. If you have Touch ID or Face ID set up for the VicSuper app, you’ll need to set this up again for the Aware Super app
  • New operating hours and phone number from 8am Monday 1 May 2023, the operating hours and phone number for you to contact us will change to Monday to Friday 8.00am to 7.00pm (AEST/AEDT) - 1300 650 873. International calls: T: +61 3 9131 6373. Visit
  • You can choose how you want to receive information from us and the type of information you want us to send you. It’s likely we already have your previous choices on file, but you can view and update these by logging on to Member Online.
  • While there’ll be no changes to your fees and costs, please note that due to rounding of the monthly fee amounts the total account keeping fee may be $52.01, instead of $52.00, in some years.
  • If you have made contributions via BPAY with your previous VicSuper account, you will need to use your new biller codes and CRN.  You can find these in the Aware app or in your Member Online account.

For more information please click here


A. There are a number of things you can do to quickly and easily manage your super account via Member Online such as:

  • Combine money from your self-managed super fund and any super money from another fund into your Aware Super account, using our online tool.
  • Find your lost super easier than ever before. You can also choose to combine all or some of it.
  • Find and change your communication preferences – fast.
  • Submit a notice of intent to claim a tax deduction for a contribution you make, which can now be done online, say goodbye to paper forms.
  • Choose and control your insurance options. Plus, make more transactions online.
  • Already enjoying retirement? You’ll love our easy online withdrawals.
  • Find your member number easier (for a fast login).
  • Make changes to your investment portfolio by moving specific amounts of money from one investment option to another within your account (dollar amount investment switch).



1. For more information on our awards and ratings visit:
2. Member numbers as at May 2023.
3. Chant West Super Fund Fee Survey 31 December 2022, High Growth [81-100% in growth assets] investment option index and $50,000 account balance. Total fee includes combined administration, investment fees and costs. Aware Super MySuper – High Growth option total fee is 1.08% p.a compared to 1.33% p.a. (overall average - approximately 80 funds) and 1.41% p.a. (Retail fund average - approximately 16 funds). Fees and comparisons may differ for other investment options and account balances.
4. Source: SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey 31 December 2022 (SR 50 Growth (77-90) Index approximately 50 options). Aware Super Accumulation High Growth option delivered an average yearly return over 10 years to 31 December 2022 of 9.52% p.a. compared to the index median of 8.73% p.a. for the same period. Returns are net of investment fees, tax and implicit asset-based administration fees. Investment returns are not guaranteed. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.
5. The Aware Super app was awarded Gold at the 2021 Sydney Design Awards in the Digital - Expanded Service or Application category; Winner at the 2020 Good Design Awards Australia in the Digital Apps & Software category and was awarded Gold at the 2019 Sydney Design Awards in the Digital - New Service or Application category.
6. Before you decide to consolidate, compare your options.  Consider the loss of insurance cover from your other fund(s) and any tax implications to make sure rolling over is right for you.
7. $16 billion as at 30 June 2022, source ATO website May 2023