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Aware Super leads industry in transaction transparency with My Activities

30 August 2023

Aware Super has launched a tracking service so members can check on the progress in their transactions wherever they are and whenever it suits them.


Aware Super members can keep tabs on where their transactions are up to with the new My Activities feature.

Australia’s largest digital-first super fund, Aware Super, has changed the way Australians experience superannuation transactions.

Inspired by the global embrace of online retail, food delivery and ride-sharing businesses, Aware Super has created My Activities – a feature of its app the fund describes as ‘parcel tracking’, giving members real-time 24/7 visibility of the progress of their transactions.

Aware Super used insight gained through monitoring calls to its support centre to understand what was a priority for members. Over the 24 months to June this year, the fund identified transaction enquiries as the number one reason for members calling for help, with more than 250,000 calls each year on this topic.

The fund’s Chief Operating Officer, Jo Brennan, said the shift in Australians embracing remote working had brought to a head the frustration members felt with the slow and outdated paper-based processes relied on by super funds.

“One of the greatest features that ride-sharing businesses introduced to us was the ability to track the status of your ride,” Ms Brennan said. ”Today you can track your rides, your groceries, even the settlement of a home purchase all online – but we were still asking superannuation members to download, complete and post a paper form, and wait.”


“With My Activities, our members can follow their transactions directly from their mobile app or via our secure online member portal, so they always know where their transaction is up to, and when they can expect it to be completed. 


“Based on historical data from calls to our member support team, we expect our members will save themselves up to 200,000 phone calls over the next 12 months. That’s thousands of hours of valuable time back to our members by making it easier to follow their transaction progress wherever they are, at a time that’s convenient for them.”

Aware Super members can access My Activities directly via their mobile app. A demonstration of My Activities can be viewed at:


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