As an asset owner, we believe that we have an obligation to seek to ensure that the companies and other assets in which we invest in are governed and managed in an appropriate way that will enhance performance over the longer term, and thereby produce the best financial outcome for members. For this reason, Aware Super takes an active interest in the ESG practices of the companies and assets in which they invest, and seek to exert influence on their governance, policies, practices and management through share voting, engagement and advocacy.

We have a significant exposure to listed share investments. Exercising the voting rights attached to shares held in public companies is something we regard as being integral to active ownership. Share voting is an important tool for engaging with companies. Voting is an effective way for the Trustee and other investors to publicly express its views on what a company is doing right, and what a company needs to improve.

Section 4.2 of our Responsible Investment: Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance Policy sets out our proxy voting policy.

The Responsible Investment: Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance Policy currently retains the First State Super branding and trustee name. For more information on the change of our brand and trustee name to Aware Super Pty Ltd see here.

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