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We’re proud to partner with the Public Education
 the Federation on the First State Super Teachers Scholarship. Early Stage One and Stage One teachers play an important role in transforming the lives of students, our scholarship is designed specifically for public primary school teachers teaching these stages.

Our scholarship provides up to $10,000 to be spent on a professional development/learning activity, or set of activities, to help these teachers excel.

We’re passionate about people having the knowledge and tools they need to make good financial decisions – because good financial decisions lead to a better future.

Gaining the skills to make the right financial decisions starts early in life.

According to an article in Teacher magazine the education differences by age eight and nine are often continuations of differences apparent on entry into school and these need to be addressed during the early years in order to avoid on going disadvantage.

Geoff Masters, Chief Executive of the Australian Council for Educational Research says of these children, ‘many are locked into trajectories of ‘underperformance’ that often lead to disengagement, poor attendance and early exit from school.’

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We also support our teachers with the NSW Premier’s Financial Literacy Scholarship. Each year the scholarship awards $15,000 to a primary or secondary school teacher. All teachers currently teaching Mathematics, Commerce, Business Studies, Economics, Business and Public Administration or related fields in NSW Schools or TAFE NSW Campuses/Colleges are eligible to apply.

The award is for a study in any aspect/s of financial literacy that links teaching and learning in financial literacy to successful outcomes for students, including well-being. The recipient can take a study tour either overseas or in Australia to share their experiences and consult with other experts. The 2021 Premier's Teacher Scholarships are paused due to COVID-19. Future updates will be provided regarding the resumption of 2022 scholarships.

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Better outcomes for health

We sponsor the Mother’s Day Classic annual fun run and walk every year.

It’s a great example of how communities can band together to get fitter, have fun, remember those whose lives have been touched by breast cancer and look towards the better future we all believe in.

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