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  • Conditions means these terms and conditions;
  • DFAT means the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade;
  • Aware Super means the Aware Super group;
  • Panel means the Scholarship selection panel;
  • Program means the Aware Super Michael Dwyer Scholarship for Emerging Leaders;
  • Proposal means the study proposal You have submitted with your application for the Scholarship;
  • Scholarship means the Aware Super Michael Dwyer Scholarship for Emerging Leaders;
  • Scholarship Winner means the Applicant selected by the Panel; and
    You or Your means the applicant for the Scholarship.

Scholarship conditions

  1. Applications. You must submit a completed Scholarship Application form, agreeing to the Scholarship Conditions and supply all supporting documentation by the advertised closing date. 
    a) Applicants must complete an online application process requiring them to provide a statement about themselves, their commitment to their vocation and describe how Scholarship would support their professional development needs and objectives.
    b) Applicants must provide details of the program they would seek to undertake; explain how the identified learning experience would further their professional aspirations; and describe how this knowledge would be applied more broadly in the workplace, and amongst their profession, to help make an even greater contribution to their profession.
    c) Applicants must evidence their achievement and promotion within their vocation and detail any other personal qualities, contributions or circumstances that would enhance their suitability as a Scholarship recipient.
  2. Individual Applications. Scholarships are awarded to an individual and cannot be shared.
  3. Refused applications. If Your application is received after the closing date or does not meet the requirements set out in the Conditions, it will not be considered.
  4. Applications not returned. Your application will not be returned and will become the property of Aware Super.
  5. Application costs. You must meet all Your costs associated with applying for the Scholarship.
  6. Scholarship on offer. Aware Super may cancel the Scholarship, reduce its advertised value, or reduce the period of the study tour. You will be advised of any cancellation or variation and where the advertised value or other aspect of the Scholarship has been varied, You will be asked if You wish to continue with Your application.
  7. Eligibility criteria. To be eligible, Applicants must be contributing members or active financial planning clients of Aware Super; committed to continuing in their vocation for at least five years; an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia; and willing to share their experiences, content and insights with Aware Super, which may be used for promotional materials by Aware Super.
  8. Age restriction. Applicants must be 18 years or older to be eligible for the Scholarship.
  9. Multiple applications. You are only eligible to apply for one Scholarship per year and can only submit one application.
  10. Other Scholarships. If You currently hold any other scholarship, grant or bursary, You are not eligible for the award of the Scholarship.
  11. Past Recipients. Unless a Scholarship has been previously forfeited in accordance with clause 38 of the Conditions, previous Scholarship recipients are ineligible to apply for future Scholarships.
  12. Place and Duration of Study. The Scholarship is for approved study (within Australia or internationally) for up to five (5) weeks. The proposed study must be completed within this 5-week period. In special cases, extensions of time may be granted upon written request to Aware Super.
  13. Relief. Scholarship recipients will need to negotiate leave/relief with their employer for the purpose of study. The Scholarship cannot be used to meet the cost of such leave.
  14. Leave. You must apply for leave in line with your employer’s processes for the duration of the Scholarship. If approval of leave is not granted by Your employer, You will not be eligible for the award of the Scholarship and must reimburse Aware Super for any money already paid for which it is unable to receive a refund for.
  15. Proposed study. Subject to the specific requirements of the Scholarship, You must undertake study, which may include a formal study tour, visiting people and institutions or consulting with leading experts in a particular subject area.
  16. Overseas study. You must be eligible to travel to the country or countries specified in Your application to complete the study. Applications for study in any country or countries in relation to which DFAT has advised against all travel or non-essential travel may be considered at the absolute discretion of the Panel. However, no Scholarship must be undertaken while any such travel warning is current.
  17. Budgets. Your application and Proposal must include a budget estimating the cost of the study and the proposed use of the Scholarship funds. Only reasonable costs associated with the study should be budgeted for, including travel insurance, the cost of one return economy airfare, or one round the world economy fare or specified economy air travel within Australia. Scholarship funds cannot be used for the purchase of equipment, such as computers, cameras, video or DVD equipment, tape recorders, mobile telephones, materials, supplies and costs associated with You or any other person.
  18. Referees. You must provide the name and contact details of two referees in Your application. One referee must be Your current line / direct manager.
  19. Reference checks. You hereby consent for reference, security and probity checks to be conducted and for the personal information provided in Your Application Form to be used and disclosed to third parties to check the accuracy of the information provided and to determine Your suitability for the Scholarship.
  20. Nomination of the Scholarship Panel. You agree that Aware Super is solely responsible for the selection of the Panel. The Panel may change from time to time with no notice provided to You. You may be required to attend an interview before the Panel. The Panel will assess applications based on the criteria set out on the application form. The Panel will choose the Scholarship Winner and may also choose a reserve.

Award of Scholarship

  1. Payment of Scholarships. Payment of the Scholarship funds is at the complete discretion of Aware Super. The Scholarship funds will not be paid directly to the Scholarship Winner – payment will be made via Aware Super paying invoices provided to it by the Scholarship Winner. The Scholarship Winner must ensure that all invoices provided to Aware Super comply with the requirements of clause 17. Aware Super may, in its absolute discretion, refuse to pay any invoices for costs not sufficiently outlined in Your Proposal.
  2. Scholarship amount.  The Scholarship Winner must accept the Scholarship amount before payment. The Scholarship funds are paid in Australian dollars.
  3. Tax. Aware Super cannot give You advice on any taxation consequences of receipt of the Scholarship. You may wish to seek Your own advice.
  4. No deferral. Unless otherwise approved by Aware Super, You must commence Your study by the date specified in Your final Proposal forwarded to Aware Super following notification of the award of a Scholarship. A later commencement date will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.
  5. No transfer. The Scholarship is not transferable.
  6. Itinerary. You must provide Aware Super with a final itinerary eight (8) weeks before the anticipated departure date. The itinerary must include all information and supporting documentation reasonably specified by Aware Super. Significant changes to the itinerary must be approved by the Aware Super.
  7. Information requests. The Scholarship Winner must comply with reasonable requests by Aware Super for additional information and documentation and provide any required information together with documentation by the dates requested.
  8. Travel and health advice. Before departing, You, as Scholarship Winner, are expected to keep up to date with travel and health advice for Your destination issued by DFAT. You must obtain the approval of Aware Super for any proposed cancellation of travel in light of advice issued for Your destination. If You cancel Your travel You must refund the Scholarship funds to Aware Super as required by these conditions.
  9. Air Travel arrangements. The Scholarship cannot be used to purchase business or first-class air fares, except where it is used to contribute to the cost of a business class fare which is the same value of an equivalent economy class ticket which is in accordance with item 17 of these Scholarship Conditions. You are responsible for making Your own travel arrangements.
  10. Passports and visas. You are responsible for obtaining all necessary passports, visas and other travel documentation.
  11. Travel at own risk. You accept that:    
    1. You travel at Your own risk and in Your own time; and
    2. Aware Super is in no way responsible for You or Your conduct whilst You are overseas.
  12. Insurance. You must take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance recommended for overseas travel to the country or countries of destination. You must provide Aware Super with proof of Your travel insurance upon request before travelling.
  13. Conduct whilst on Scholarship. The Scholarship Winner will make every reasonable endeavour to:
    a. at all times be a good ambassador for Aware Super;
    b. avoid any act (including making any oral or written communication) that could damage Aware Super’s reputation, be misleading, result in victimisation or harassment, lead to criminal or civil liability, or be reasonably found to be offensive, obscene, threatening, abusive or defamatory; and
  14. Final report. You must submit to Aware Super a detailed final report in the format specified by Aware Super within ninety (90) days of the completion of the study tour.
  15. Copyright licence. You hereby grant a non-exclusive, royalty-free copyright licence to Aware Super to exercise and sub-licence all rights of copyright (including rights to reproduce the work and communicate it to the public) in the final report and any other material produced by You that is funded by the Scholarship (with or without amendment) for any non-commercial purpose. This licence includes, without limiting its generality, permission to post the final report or parts of it on Aware Super’s websites, social media channels, marketing collateral or make the report available to professional associations for dissemination for non-commercial purposes.
  16. Promotion of the Program. You are expected to provide reasonable support to Aware Super in publicising and promoting the Program, including participation in media interviews.
  17. Return to the profession after completion of Scholarship. You, as Scholarship Winner, are expected to return to Your profession in Australia for at least twelve (12) months on completion of Your study.
  18. Withdrawal from Scholarship. You, as Scholarship Winner, must immediately notify Aware Super of any decision to withdraw from the Program.
  19. Liability for withdrawal from Scholarship. Aware Super will not be liable for any loss or damages (including consequential loss, loss of opportunity or loss of income and even if Aware Super has been advised of the possibility of such loss or damages) suffered by You which is caused by or arises from a required repayment of all or part of the Scholarship funds in accordance with these conditions.
  20. Privacy. You consent to Aware Super and associated third parties using the information, including personal information, provided in Your application and final report, for the purposes of assessing Your compliance with these conditions and of publicising the Program.
  21. Access to records. You agree to give Aware Super and their appointed auditors access to any reasonable information to verify compliance with these conditions.


  1. Non-award of Scholarships. Aware Super may upon recommendation of the Panel not award the Scholarship in a given year if it decides (in its absolute discretion) either that there are no suitable applicants for the Scholarship or that there are insufficient applications.
  2. Feedback. The Scholarship Winner will be contacted by Aware Super. Unsuccessful applicants may be informed by email.
  3. Exceptions. These Scholarship Conditions apply to all applicants except where a condition only applies to the Scholarship Winner. However, exceptions may be granted by Aware Super at its complete discretion.
  4. Subject to change. These Scholarship Conditions are subject to change by Aware Super at any time without prior notice.