Interest rates are currently at an historic low and are likely to remain low, possibly for the next few years. If you’ve got a significant amount of your super, pension or investments in a cash option you may want to consider what the long-term impact of the low rates may have on your retirement goals.

You can find out more about the changes to interest rates and how this affects cash returns by reading our blog – cash returns: lower for longer.

If you’re currently invested in our Cash option, you may want to consider speaking to a financial planner or reviewing your investments options.

Cash returns: lower for longer.

Read our blog

What does low interest rates mean for me?

Cash, as an asset class, usually has a stable return. However, in the current low-rate environment if you’ve got a significant proportion of your money invested in cash, your returns after all fees and costs, may be negative. This means that you may see your retirement savings reducing, instead of growing.

You can reduce the risk of your investment by spreading your money across a range of asset classes. This is called diversification. Diversification can reduce investment risk because asset classes tend to perform differently at different times in the economic cycle. By spreading your money across a range of asset classes, you also spread the risk of loss should a particular asset class or investment perform poorly.

You can diversify your investment by either investing in the diversified investment options, which have a mixed portfolio of assets, or by investing in a variety of single asset class investment options.

At Aware Super we offer a range of options including diversified and single asset classes, with varying risk profiles and return objectives, to help you meet your retirement goals. You can read more about our investment options in our Product Disclosure Statements at

Before choosing an investment option(s), you should review your risk/return profile and the level of diversification you require. If you’re unsure about the level of risk appropriate to your needs and circumstances, you can seek help from a financial planner.

What investment options could I consider?

It’s recommended that you speak to a financial planner before making any decisions regarding changing your investment options. There is also lots of helpful information about investment options on this website. You may want to read:

  1. Your investment options: take the guesswork out of your investment mix


  2. You and investing: our approach to investing


  3. Product Disclosure Documents

    For more information on the different investment options please read the relevant disclosure document.

  4. Compare investment options


  5. Attend one of our free education webinars or access our Discover & Learn hub


You can also see all the latest investment performance on the Investment Returns web page.


How do I change my options?

  1. Login or register on your secure member portal or check your options via the App.
  2. Contact us.
  3. Speak to your financial planner or book an advice call at a convenient time for you.

Where can I go to for help?

Most members can access simple super advice as part of their account. If you have a financial planner, please contact them. If you would like some help you can book an appointment today. or contact us on 1300 650 873, Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 6pm (AEST/AEDT)