Our MySuper Product Dashboard summarises key information about the returns, fees, and levels of risk associated with our MySuper Lifecycle approach. It’s designed in accordance with regulatory requirements for the purpose of helping members make informed investment decisions. It can also help you compare our MySuper Lifecycle approach with other MySuper products.

The information shown in the product dashboard is based on a representative member with an account balance of $50,000 throughout the year.

Our MySuper Lifecycle approach is a lifecycle product made up of eleven different stages. The stage you are placed in is determined by your age and is automatically adjusted each year on your birthday (or the following business day if your birthday falls on a non-business day) between ages 56 and 65.

Your investments gradually shift from mostly growth-focussed assets when you’re younger, to a more balanced mix of growth and income assets as you approach retirement. This means that your investment mix, return target and risk may change slightly with each move between stages.

Read more about our Lifecycle approach.


View the MySuper Product Dashboard (PDF 367kb)

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