From how we invest to the returns we deliver and our approach to customer service, everything we do is designed to help your employees build a better financial future

We’re proud to be chosen by thousands of employers across Australia for our ongoing dedication to your employees and our commitment to putting members first. We’re proud to be able to provide a comprehensive suite of support, tools and information that can help your employees get more from their contributions. Our award-winning app1 also enables them to keep up-to-date and manage their super on the go. They’ll also benefit from our seminars and webinars that are designed to make super simple to understand and help them prepare for a quality retirement.

As one of Australia’s largest~ industry funds, our core focus has always been to provide superannuation, advice and retirement solutions to those who teach, nurse, care, respond and help others in our communities. We welcome all Australians, regardless of the industry they work in, and work hard to help all our members have the best possible retirement.

Your employees will appreciate our super options

Aware Super is a MySuper authorised fund – one of a select group of funds authorised to be your default super fund. When you register to use our clearing house, you’ll know you’re making contributions in a way that’s quick, efficient and fully government compliant.

As a MySuper authorised fund we’re able to offer a competitively priced and low-maintenance way for Australians’ to manage their retirement savings with our default MySuper Life Cycle strategy. This Life Cycle strategy helps our members maximise their returns over the long-term by placing them in our MySuper High Growth investment option when they are under the age of 55, while transitioning their superannuation savings as they approach retirement through a multi-stage de-risking glidepath, reducing event risk for members. This means your employees who are nearing retirement and don’t make an investment choice are automatically moved into an option which aims to reduce the impact of large market falls. Discover more information on our MySuper Life Cycle strategy.

We’re very conscious of the impact of fees and costs on member accounts. We continuously challenge ourselves to keep our costs as low as possible, so members can enjoy competitive fees2 and more of their contributions stay in their accounts to fund a better retirement.

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How we invest your employee’s money

At Aware Super, we do our best to make super simple. If your employee doesn’t actively choose an investment approach for their superannuation, we’ll invest it automatically our Default MySuper Life Cycle strategy.

This dynamic strategy tailors the investment mix to the employees’ stage of life. So, as our members get nearer to needing their super for retirement, we automatically shift away from longer-term investment options to protect their money from any unforeseen market fluctuations. This helps to ensure your employees have the optimum investments without worrying about making investment choices – something they may be unfamiliar in doing.

We understand that all workforces are made up of people with a range of needs and financial understanding. To ensure all your employees receive an approach that suits them, Aware Super provides a range of investment choices. This includes socially conscious investment options for members who don’t want their super invested in industries and companies considered to have a high environmental or social impact. These options have restrictions and exclusions, called ‘screens’. You can find out more about these options and details of the ‘screens’ in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Additionally, if your employees would prefer to choose their own investment strategy, we provide them with a range of investment choices that are designed for different time frames and individual preferences.

Furthermore, if your employees want an even higher level of control, they can mix single assets with a range of high and low growth choices.

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Cost-effective insurance options

With Aware Super, we help to protect your employees by offering affordable and appropriate insurance cover with the flexibility to tailor their insurance as their needs change.

Your employees may be eligible to receive Death and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance automatically, without providing medical evidence.

To make it easy for your employees to make informed decisions about their insurance needs, we provide a range of online resources, including calculators and information sheets, plus our advisers can assist with simple advice relating to their insurance arrangements within the fund at no additional charge.

Employees can also tailor their cover which they can do online by increasing, reducing or cancelling their cover. Employees apply to upgrade their cover through:

  • Additional death only or death and TPD cover
  • Start-up bonus cover
  • Income protection
  • Transfer of cover
  • Life events

You and your employees can have confidence that they are receiving cover that is competitive. As a large fund, we use our size and strength to negotiate with our insurers to obtain competitive terms and premiums for our members that in most cases they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to access through normal retail channels.

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Access to our financial advice3 and guidance

Super and finance in general can often leave people confused and unsure of their options and choices. This can lead many to avoid making decisions, some of which can make a huge difference over the long-term.

We believe good advice changes lives. Our members can access simple advice at no extra cost which can help with making choices about investments, insurance, income stream, contributions and withdrawals. We also provide a comprehensive fee-for-service financial advice service for more complicated financial needs including aged care needs.

Aware Super members can also access our estate planning services4, for things like creating a will, power of attorney and planning for the management of their financial affairs.

To ensure our members get the most from their super and feel empowered to make decisions that benefit them, we provide a range of high-quality financial education seminars and webinars. We regularly communicate with members to ensure they’re getting the most from their super and building their understanding of a constantly changing sector.

1The Aware Super app was awarded Bronze Stevie Award at the 2022 International Business Awards. For more information see: Search All Past Stevie® Winners and Finalists | Stevie Awards.

2Source: Chant West Super Fund Fee Survey 31 March 2024, High Growth [81-95% in growth assets] investment option index and $50,000 account balance. Fees and costs can vary from year to year. Past fees and costs are not a reliable indicator of future fees and costs. Fees and comparisons may differ for other investment options and account balances.

3Members can get advice about their Aware Super accounts at no extra cost, or advice on their broader needs for a fee.

4Estate planning services are provided by Aware Super Legal Pty Ltd (ABN 91 606 835 170), which is wholly owned by Aware Super (ABN 53 226 460365). The trustee of Aware Super is Aware Super Pty Ltd (ABN 11 118 202 672, AFSL No. 293340).

~Based on the DEXXAR Industry Market Share Report June 2023 (includes VicSuper which is part of Aware Super)