Meet the people who answer employer contribution enquiries, demystify compliance obligations, arrange clearing house access, refunds and more.

If you’ve ever needed help making a contribution, accessing the clearing house, requesting a refund or wondered how to become SuperStream compliant, you may have already spoken to someone in our Employer Relations team, or maybe even had them visit your workplace. Our dedicated employer relations team is here to help.

The Employer Relations team provides a tailored, one-to-one support and is administered by Mercer - our service partner responsible for overseeing daily fund operations, including the processing of member and employer contributions.

Super regulation and legislation is always evolving, so the team plays an important role in helping you keep up with new developments and become SuperStream compliant. Our focus is on building strong relationships, providing ongoing support and educating and guiding our employers through a range of processes to get them up and running with minimal delays.

Meet the team

We’re based in Wollongong, NSW and most of the team like to enjoy a little time at the beach! Get to know a bit more about our team and why they love what they do by reading their profiles.

Vikki Weston, Team Leader – Employer Relations

Years with the company: 12

My favourite thing about working with employers is: Previous experience in payroll helps me understand challenges employers face when paying super. I enjoy helping others and demystifying the complex superannuation requirements employers have, and working as part of a team to achieve the best outcomes for members. I’m enjoying my role as Team Leader which is enabling me to focus on streamlining procedures and implementing process improvements to help the whole team to better help employers.

On weekends I enjoy: Family time is always a priority and Saturday sport keeps me very busy! We are fortunate to have 3 active teenagers to help make life full of fun and our favourite family activity is camping with our four-legged family member Summer.

Favourite holiday destination: I love travel and experiencing new places. One of the best things about going new places is getting to know new people and experiencing the world from another perspective. Whether the travel be driving and camping or an international flight to an exotic far-away place – the best part for me is the people and learning new things from them.

Nicole Arnold, Employer Relationship Officer

Years with the company: 20 fantastic years in various roles.

My favourite thing about working with employers is: The satisfaction of being able to help and solve employers’ issues, whether it is for a refund, change of their employees’ details, uploading files in QuickSuper even if they use another clearing house, trying to figure out why a contribution was rejected, building a relationship with the employer knowing they can contact me with any issue or concern.

On weekends I enjoy: Spending time with the family relaxing down the beach enjoying the sunshine at the local beaches and cafés.

Favourite food: Can’t decide, I love all foods, from your baked lamb roast, to chicken-snitty and mushroom sauce and one of my favourite dishes a yummy Asian or Thai Satay.

Brad Day, Employer Relationship Officer

Years with the company: 7 Years with great relationships built along the way.

My favourite thing about working with employers is: There is nothing more pleasing then successfully navigating our employers through the superannuation industry changes. Collaborating with our employers to simplifying their superannuation requirements is a reward process for all involved. Working with our employers from start to finish allows me to get to know our employers specific needs. With legislation & payroll.

On weekends I enjoy: Having new experiences and adventures with my family as there is plenty to teach my 8 year old son that keeps me busy. I seem to always find time for sports and most weekends will commence with the ritual coffee and relaxing tunes.

Favourite food: So many enjoyable cuisines with seafood and Mexican an honourable mention. The food I enjoy the most as those shared with others. A cheese & meat platter with a glass of wine or a BBQ amongst friends are my favourite food experiences.

Helena Foley, Employer Relationship Officer

Years with the company: 17 years in various roles

My favourite thing about working with employers is: My favourite thing about working with employers is building relationships and resolving their issues whether it be a clearinghouse, member data or general enquiry. Enabling them to complete their task and make their day a little easier.

On the weekends I enjoy: Spending time with family and friends in a beautiful part of the world. Walking, reading and watching films.

Favourite food: Anything veggie, Indian or Italian.


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