When an employee leaves your organisation, there are a few things you need to do to get their super sorted.

  1. Submit their final super contribution to us

    As well as organising their final salary payment and any extra benefits owed to them, you’ll need to make sure you’ve submitted (and paid) any outstanding super contributions.

  2. Tell us when – and why – they’ve left

    We need to know when your employee leaves your organisation (their termination date) and the reason why they’ve left (reason for termination), as these details may change when or how they can access their super, now or in the future.  

It’s important not to end your ‘super relationship’ with this employee too early though – if you notify us that they’ve left before you make their final super contribution, their account may be closed before the final contribution is made.

Employee termination details can be provided a number of ways,

  • Using a clearing house? Submit this information in your next contribution data file (provided their final contribution payment has also been made)
  • Using Employer Online? Login to the portal, then select ‘terminate employee’ below the employee’s details and fill in the requested information
  • Fill out the Member ceasing work or making fund election form and send it back to us.

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