SuperStream is part of the government’s broader reforms to make the superannuation system stronger for all Australians

As part of the government's Stronger Super reforms, all businesses will need to adapt the way they make contributions to super funds, including us.

Employers will be able to manage super obligations with less fuss, in less time using our goverment-compliant clearing house solution. 

Submitting payments and employee data will be done online from 2016 to help reduce the time and effort it takes to manage your super responsibilities.

SuperStream compliant processes are designed to prevent errors and oversights by providing better visibility when contributions get stuck along the line.

These reforms will make it easier for all Australians to keep track of their super, resulting in fewer lost super accounts and easier ways to identify your employees when you make contributions.

Our solution

Our clearing house is an online payment processing method that lets you make compliant contributions in one transaction.

When you partner with us as a registered employer, you can access the clearing house for free.

There are no costs or fees involved in becoming a registered employer with us.

I want to register and start using the clearing house.

Other ways to be SuperStream compliant

Under the Stronger Super reforms, businesses have the option to make contributions by:

  • Seeking assistance from a payroll or salary packaging provider.
  • Using the government's free small business clearing house (for employers with 19 or fewer staff, or less than $2 million annual turnover).
  • Engaging their own clearing house provider directly.

Each option requires different levels of capability and cost. We have a team of SuperStream specialists that can help you make the best decision for your employees.

Tell me how I can be fully compliant with SuperStream

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