Aware Super matches contributions based on member number, surname, date of birth and tax file number.

Three out of the four above member information fields must match identically for payments to be accepted. This is why ensuring you update your SG payment details with your employee’s new Aware Super member numbers is important.

Yes, you will need to use a new USI, ABN and fund details, all of which are provided below.

Fund Name: Aware Super

Product Name: Aware Super – Accumulation

USI: 53 226 460 365 001

ABN: 53 226 460 365

Trustee Name: Aware Super Pty Ltd

From 1 December all communication you receive will be from Aware Super, not VISSF.

Instead of visiting the VISSF website, you’ll visit to login to the employer portal, register for the clearing house, and to find important updates.

SCH Online will no longer be available, instead you’ll be able to use the Aware Super clearing house if you choose to.

From 1 December, make sure you select Aware Super – accumulation product details for your employees who are members of Aware Super accumulation.

To help reduce the number of queries you receive, it might be good to include the below text on Aware Super member’s payslips for several pay cycles.

“Attention: VISSF has merged with Aware Super. All your super is being paid into your new Aware Super account. Find out more at”

If you have made contributions in error for a member and wish to have these contributions refunded, the form you need to complete can be found here.

Your employees will have 60 days to cancel or reduce their insurance cover and receive a refund of any premium charges already paid to Aware Super.

The Employer Relations team will be available on normal business days throughout the holiday period. The Employer Relations team is available between 8:30am and 5:30pm AEST. A voicemail service is available in the event that we are physically unable to take your call. You call will be returned as soon as possible and always within 2 hours.

You can contact the team on 1300 118 632.