Partnering with us is easy

We invite you to partner with Aware Super by registering as a Licensee/adviser so
we can provide you with timely service and help make your advice process more
efficient to support you and your clients.

Supporting you and your clients


Priority servicing
  • Express processing to add you as the nominated adviser to your client’s account
  • Dedicated Business Development Team
  • Dedicated adviser support phone number into our local contact centre
The ability to deduct advice fees
  • You can request an Advice fee by completing the Fee for Service payment request form
  • Online account access (coming soon)
  • Investment Allocation, Balance history, Insurance cover (monthly premiums, value of cover), Transaction history, Benefit estimate, Beneficiaries, View statements

Clients who are Aware Super members’ benefits include:


  • Strong long term investment performance
  • Profit to members, any profits we make are returned to our members in the form of lower fees and improving our services
  • Peace of mind - you don’t need to choose between doing good in the world and doing well financially. We do both every day.
  • An award-winning app - members' can view account details such as balance, investment options and transactions
  • Education material and events both face to face and virtual all year round
  • Access to online tools and calculators
  • Special offers exclusive to Aware Super members