As Head of Growth Assets at Aware Super, Robert Credaro is responsible for our private equity, managed equity, and direct equity portfolios.

What is your role?

I’m responsible for developing and implementing the strategy to build Aware Super’s exposure to listed and unlisted equity, or private equity growth, investments. My team does this in Australia and globally. We invest across a wide range of industries including information technology, health care, business, and consumer services. A key part of my role is bringing everything together so that the strategy fits together coherently to help deliver great retirement outcomes for our members.

How does your role help Aware Super members?

Our equity investments are important in helping members meet their long-term retirement goals. This involves challenges like compensating for inflation and making sure members have enough income in retirement. It’s important that our equity investments provide diversification across industries and geographies to help manage volatility, as well as investment opportunities that are hard to access for individuals, like companies in the process of listing on an exchange (pre-IPO), private equity, and newer companies in sectors with a high potential for long-term and sustainable growth.

What is your team investing in?

In Australian equities, we invest in listed companies you may be familiar with, like CBA, ANZ and Macquarie Group, and well-known companies like, Dominos Pizza and Resmed. In international equities, familiar names in our portfolio include Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, and Amazon. Our substantial Private Equity program involves investing in unlisted companies. Canva, for example, makes graphic design easy and accessible to everyone. Evercommerce provides marketing, business management, and customer experience software solutions. Xpansiv is a global trading platform for environmental commodities like renewable energy certificates, carbon offsets, and differentiated fuels, which help accelerate the transition to a net-zero future.


“A key part of my role is bringing everything together so that the strategy fits together coherently to help deliver great retirement outcomes for our members.”


What motivates you?

Knowing that the Growth Assets team contributes to members’ long-term retirement security is a big motivator. So too is the challenge of delivering strong long-term performance and working with a highly motivated and skilled group of people. There’s always something new to consider in listed and private equity and there’s much to engage the team, including new technologies, evolving business models, changing political landscapes, and the general ebb and flow of markets. In short, there’s never a dull day in our Growth Assets team!

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