About this report

 To help us, we have joined forces with Dr Rebecca Huntley, one of Australia’s leading researchers on social trends. Her report shines a light on the link between climate change, the economy and the community, and what’s truly at stake for all Australians.

Through Dr Huntley’s insightful analysis, we learn about the very real implications of climate change for all of us who work and live in this country.

The report goes beyond considering the threats of inaction to reveal the far-reaching positive impacts that are felt in the Australian economy, on jobs, on our physical and mental wellbeing, and on our way of life when we embrace climate solutions.

Meet Dr Rebecca Huntley

Dr Huntley highlights some key findings from her report.

Climate, the economy and jobs

Dr Huntley puts the economic impacts of climate change under the microscope. For example, the financial havoc extreme weather events could wreak on food yields and prices, and the thousands of jobs that would go uncreated if we delay a shift to a low-carbon economy.

With the right
policy measures,
we could create:


jobs around large-scale
renewable energy projects in
the next three years alone.

Conversely, the cost to
Australia of a global failure to
deliver a new growth
recovery would mean over


jobs lost by 2070.

Source: A New Choice: Australia’s Climate for Growth, Deloitte Access Economics (November 2020)

Offsetting risks in physical and mental health

Physical and mental health is an often-overlooked casualty of climate change. But Dr Huntley puts it front and centre. The report considers the direct impacts of climate change on our health and the need for policies that prioritise climate solutions. This is especially true given the health risks of climate-related extreme weather and the reported rise in anxiety and depression among Australians in 2020.

Less talk, more action

In case studies and stories about successful, sustainable projects and initiatives, Dr Huntley showcases solutions that Australians can initiate to build back better from COVID-19 and harness the opportunities that a greener future holds.

Why now?

Prior to the pandemic, Australian businesses were giving thought and dedicating resources to action on climate change. We mustn’t stop now.

With a strong economic recovery from the pandemic underway and a world ever more committed to a low carbon future, the report shows that Australia is ideally placed to create opportunity from the transition ahead. And we can use this time of change, innovation and fresh investment to build a better and more equitable Australia for all.

In 2020, The Australia Institute’s annual Climate of the Nation report showed that:


of Australians are concerned about climate change.

8 in 10

Australians agree that the government should focus on renewables.

A chorus of support

Dr Huntley is not the only voice in this report. She is supported by experts who share her sense of urgency of the need to take affirmative action now to create a greener future for Australia. Adding to these voices is the chorus of everyday Australians and Aware Super members who want sweeping change at all levels for a better and more sustainable future.

The views expressed in this report are those of the author and other contributors, and do not represent the views of Aware Super Pty Ltd or Aware Super.