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Welcome to the third edition of Advice Insights.

As we head into a new financial year new opportunities can arise to grow your super and live your best retirement. This latest edition gives you an update on some legislation changes effective from 1 July related to super and property taxes in NSW and Victoria.

Our investment team have shared their insights into what’s going on in markets and implications for investment returns and what might be ahead.

Retaining control of your finances and preparing your estate are important. Michelle shares her experience as an Aware estate planning lawyer, and how you can maintain control of decisions about your money.

Enjoy this edition.

What's new

With a new financial year underway, a raft of previously announced legislative changes are now in place. Our Advice Strategy Expert, Iby Ibrahim, explains the ins-and-outs of new legislation.

Market outlook

Damian Graham, our Chief Investment Officer, recaps what’s been happening in the market over the past year, the outlook for the coming quarter and – most importantly – what it means for your investments.

One important decision when planning your estate

A power of attorney can make sure you have control over who will manage your financial affairs when you can no longer make these decisions. Estate Planning Lawyer, Michelle Dixon explores important things to consider and how to get started.

Health and wealth tips from our financial planners

Our financial planners – Andrew, Michael, Belinda and Troy – share their best tips on looking after your health and your wealth.

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Important information

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