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What are the things you think about when considering retirement? All those holidays you’ll now have time for? Downsizing, or spending more time with family?

While there’s plenty of time for travel and adventures, it’s good to remember your day-to-day living will have the biggest impact on how your retirement plays out.

There will be financial changes, but don’t discount the emotional, social and physical changes that will also occur. Your retirement will probably last decades, so it’s important to give as much attention to these other aspects as you do to your financial strategy.

How will you spend your time?

Some people can struggle after finishing work for good. It’s important that you find a purpose and look after your mental and physical health as you get older. A recent study found a correlation between having a strong purpose in life, healthier lifestyle behaviours and slowing chronic illness.

Keep moving

Regular exercise is a great place to start. Staying active reduces the risk of health problems and also improves your social life. It could be as simple as a regular walk with friends, or joining organised classes or a sporting club.

What will my daily routine look like?

Having a daily routine and scheduled activities helps to create a sense of purpose and community in retirement. It’s best to think about what this could look like now, so you can start to focus on what interest you.

A recent poll of retired people found that retirement was spent travelling, working on their fitness and chasing passion projects like crafts or music.


Source: Forbes Health, 2023, Cognitive health in early retirement.

Stop the brain drain

Mental exercise is just as important as keeping your body moving. Be prepared to replace the mental stimulation you gained from work with another form of thinking: like learning a new skill or by giving back by sharing your knowledge with community groups. Mental activities are also a good way to create purpose in your life.


Who will you spend your time with?

When you’re no longer going to work every day, the lack of social connection can hit harder than expected in retirement. That’s why you should plan to catch up with family and friends, and meet new people through new hobbies or volunteering. The World Health Organisation says that social isolation and loneliness is a priority public health issue globally.

So start a checklist now. In this edition you’ll find the Get started with your retirement lifestyle planner to help you. Working through this will help you structure your day-to-day life in retirement.

Helping you feel confident about retirement

Retirement is a big life change. Taking time to think about your retirement and learn more about what you need to do can really help you feel confident. The building blocks of a good retirement go beyond just a financial plan and could be the difference between a good retirement and a great one.

The good news is you don’t need to make big decisions about retirement on your own.

An Aware Super financial planner1 can help you:

  • Get clear on your retirement goals and how you might achieve them
  • Maximise the benefits of your SASS scheme
  • Understand how much money you’ll need to live your best retirement, and how you might make up for any shortfall
  • Work out the best time to retire – and the right strategy for you.


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Next steps for SASS deferred members

If you’re a SASS deferred member, knowing your options can help you make sure you have the funds to suit your retirement lifestyle.


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