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Knowing where your income will come from in retirement is just one way to keep you feeling confident and in control of your finances and future. In this edition, we take a closer look at some common concerns around staying in control of your money, including busting myths about super in retirement and a Q&A on proposed super changes and how they could impact SASS members. We also share a case study to demonstrate how staying in super after retirement can help your savings go the distance.

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Staying in control of your money: Busting 4 myths about super and retirement

For many SASS members, the desire to stay in control is a key factor when considering whether to take a lump sum or keep money in super at retirement. We take a closer look at four myths about super and retirement to help you understand the benefits of staying in the super system.

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Do I need to worry about proposed changes to the super rules?

The latest super changes announced by government may have you wondering what these policy adjustments could mean for your retirement. Head of Retirement for Aware Super, Jacki Ellis shares her insights on how retirees can navigate these shifts in the super landscape with confidence.

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What SASS members are doing with their super?

When we look at what SASS members are choosing to do with their benefit on retirement we see that over 80 per cent of members are opting to keep all or some of their benefit invested with a super fund instead of taking a lump sum. In this article we explore why super can be a good fit for SASS members in retirement.

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Case study: Making sure your retirement savings can go the distance

Meet Alex - she's about to retire and is deciding what to do next. Learn more about her options and how talking to an Aware financial planner helped achieve her retirement income goals.

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Find your SASS investments and see how they are performing

Keeping up to date with performance of your super investments is an important part of retirement planning. It can help you to handle market volatility and make sure you stay on track to meet your goals. Our new fact sheet gives you tips to help you stay on top of your investments in super.

Investment market update

Join our Deputy CIO Damien Webb for a quick update on what's been happening with the market to 31 March 2023.

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